Question about custom subliminal/store


Hi everyone,

First, I would like to start by saying that you seem to have a great community, and offer interesting products.

Given the vibrant community and a large selection of interesting products, I am considering to give SubClub products a try.

I would like to ask a few questions before I finalize my decision. Some of the questions may have been answered already. If that is the case, I apologize in advance for failing to find the answers and asking redundant questions.

The questions I would like to ask are primarily related to custom subliminal.

Let’s say I am interested in having a multi-staged sub made into a custom sub, say, Khan, for instance. Khan has 4 stages. Can I include all four stages in one custom sub, or will I need to make four separate custom subliminal orders for each of the stages?

Second question is the compatibility/transfer of regular product store and the custom store. Since I never used SubClub products, I plan on first using the regular products and then later create custom subs.

Let’s say that I purchase Quantum Limitless from the regular store. Will the modules of Quantum Limitless be also available in the custom store, or will I need to purchase the modules separately for the custom use? Also, I suppose these major programs also include several other modules. Will purchasing the regular programs at the store also provide other modules included in the program at the custom store for the future use?

Thank you for your help in advance.


Well, welcome aboard @sw72hw.

I guess I’m the first ravenous piranha to jump onto these questions. :wink:

I’m not feeling particularly systematic and comprehensive right now, so I’ll just answer them as I answer them and trust that the answers you seek will emerge as the replies pile up.

Here’s the deal, as I see it:

The non-custom store basically comprises a set of pre-curated subliminal experiences that have been lovingly constructed by @Fire and @SaintSovereign to provide a suggestive route to the goals you’re desiring to reach.

Non-custom programs are made from a kind of core which represents the essential aspect of that program, and then supporting modules that enhance, flesh-out, or otherwise beautify the results (and the process of reaching the results).

The core modules that make up those Major Programs in the non-custom store are ALL present in the Custom Store as well. The difference is that the Custom Store allows you to curate your own experience in line with your preferences and in line with the way you may envision best journeying to your goal.

It’s a bit like traveling with a tour company or planning out your own trip. If you’ve already seen Niagara Falls then you may choose to leave that off of your Canadian itinerary.

So that’s one thing.

But there are two more important elements that set the Custom store apart from the standard non-Custom programs. The primary one of those is Name Embedding. Custom Subliminals allow you (actually require you) to embed your name into your subliminal programs. This helps you because Name Embedment is said to ease and enhance the reception and integration of messages into your mind. Easier integration equals faster and more powerful results. Name embedment also helps this company because piracy is no longer an attractive option. A subliminal with someone else’s name embedded will not work as well for you. So, great joy all around.

The other element that sets Customs apart is the optional Build Strength. It is possible, for an extra fee, to build your subliminal so that it is ‘more densely packed’. These builds are called Terminus Strength builds. They pack more of a punch and communicate messages a bit more powerfully. Like adding the Vincent Price stare or Obiwan Kenobi Jedi eyes to your suggestions.

Some people respond well to Terminus, some people respond better to the Standard Q build strength. So inclusion of this second element is up to your own experience and judgment to decide. Name Embedding, however, enhances subliminals for everyone.

You could do that but it may work better with some programs than with others. With some programs it would be like taking your salad, your appetizer, your main course, and your dessert, putting them in a blender and congratulating yourself that you got an entire meal in one cup. Or ejaculating during foreplay and then congratulating yourself for ‘packing all of the amazing pleasure of a one-hour session into 30 seconds’. (Time is money!)

Jokes aside. The multi-stage programs do not have to be listened to sequentially. But it seems that for some of them it will really enhance the experience because the growth you attain in one stage optimizes your experience of the next stage. It seems to vary, and you need to read the descriptions of the stages and decide on what will best fit your situation.


Thank you for your response. It is faster than the support request I put in at the store. (I was asking the same question, and I haven’t still gotten any response past 48 hours the request. I understand that it’s weekend though.)

Your reply touched on one part of the question. I suppose my question wasn’t clear enough. Let me clarify

So my idea is that I will first try regular subs and then jump onto a custom sub as suggested on the FAQ session of the custom sub shop.

Given this, the question I had was that if I bought a regular sub, say emperor, and then I later find that I want to create a custom sub with emperor as the main base, will I need to purchase the emperor core/module separately in the custom subliminal shop, even though I already purchased the regular version at the regular store? Or, will the emperor module/core be available at the custom sub shop, because I have already purchased the regular version of emperor sub?

I am not sure if this clarifies the second part of the question.

And regarding the multiple stage subs, thank you for your detailed answer and analogy. It seems more complicated than I originally anticipated as to which would be the best way to go.


The q store and the regular store are two different stores. You would need to purchase everything separately. Custom subs at the q store are composed of cores and modules. Regular subs are the prepackaged, finished product. Custom subs are name embedded and are not prepackaged. You would need to choose the modules and cores to include. Minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 per build. Each module/core is $14.99 to license. This means you can reuse the modules/cores for all future builds. Please go to the q store and look at what they have. It will make more sense. There is a build fee plus an additional fee per build strength. Once you build the custom sub, it is now a finished product.


This is subjective, but I’d rather have great ongoing Research and Development than really rapid Customer Service.

I can generally find the answers to my questions, but I can’t create new subliminal programs. :wink:

Yep. Separate stores as @khan says.

If you buy Emperor on the main store and then you choose to build an Emperor-based custom, then you’ll need to buy the Emperor module in the Q Custom store. On the other hand, that module is really affordable. It’s the AI-driven build process that costs more.

Anyway, the Emperor Core module that you buy in the Q Store is made to be AI-configurable. The one in the other store is pre-mixed, ready made, one size fits all, non-configurable.

As @khan also points out, once you have purchased a module in the Q-store, you can remix it into future custom builds ad infinitum, without ever purchasing it again.


@Khan and @Malkuth

Thank you very much for your responses! That was quick! I’m impressed by the activity and the speed of this forum.

It’s unfortunate that the two stores are separate, but I suppose that’s how it is.

On the other hand, the availability of modules in the custom shop is insane. I love that you guys offer so many different options, but I am overwhelmed by them.

Either way, I was going to start with regular products, so the challenge of creating custom subs will be for later date.

Thank you again for your quick responses. I think I will make a proper introduction, and perhaps ask for more help.


You’re very welcome! It’s generally pretty fast to get a response on the forum, but if you want the definitive response you’ll need to wait for @SaintSovereign, @Fire, or @DarkPhilosopher. One of them will get to you before too long if it’s necessary.

Otherwise, make sure you’re wearing your bro science goggles. :joy:


You are welcome. Keep a journal of your progress. I’ve written about keeping a journal. It’s highly encouraged here.


Question: Astral Projection and Remote Viewing are lighter, more focused scripts.

If adding them into a custom does it make more sense to approach them as program cores or as modules?

@SaintSovereign @Fire @DarkPhilosopher


And usually I’m a lot faster. Need a Moar Time module.


  • There is usually little use for adding all stages into your custom, as stage 4 contains its predecessors. The exception being stage 1 of Khan and EoG. But at most, add stages 1 & 4, leaving out 2 & 3. There is nothing stopping you from adding all stages though. I suppose it may make the custom more targeted or stronger, as there is more repetition of that multi-stages’ goals and script.
  • Although actually an interesting idea, right now you won’t be licensed for the core modules of the sub you bought. You’ll still have to license them.

Personally I would consider them modules. Just make it so the rest of the custom is of the same “theme.”


:pray: :pray: :pray:




Thank you for your reply.

This may change my plans for sub usages. I will need to think more about how I will proceed. I also posted my introduction and a potential road map. If you’re able to share some insight to usage plan, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you again for the answer.