Query: Non verbal communication

Q1. Which subs and/or modules are best for learning non verbal communication?

Q2. Do subs like HoM, Daredevil, True Sell, Stark, RM, PS, and Wanted have scripting that improves intuitively picking non verbal queues? If yes, then which one of these subs is the best for that (my guess is HoM)?

Eagle Eye is a good one.

The empathy modules are probably good for this too: particularly Empath and Way of Understanding

Another subtly related module would be The Merger of Worlds. And any of the Intuition-related modules.

yes. HoM and True Sell must be good for this.

I guess all of the seduction titles should be good for this too.


I’d run Limitless and study Paul Ekman’s stuff while running it.

His books like “Telling Lies”
The software packages for FACS and METT.

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Literally all subs that focus on socializing in any way, shape, or form.

Non verbal communication shows what your subconscious is saying, which is what subliminals work on directly.

Bad NVC is when your mouth says one thing but your awkward body language says another.

Subliminals are about making your mouth and body say the same things.

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Sorry I didn’t make it clear in the question but in addition to what you mentioned, I am also looking for learning to read NVC from others.

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I like to think of it as you’re looking for an outcome, not a skill.

I want to learn sales. But in reality, I just want the money, and sales is the best way to get there.

Similarly, I want to learn how to tell better stories, because I believe that’ll help me get better at sales, which will help with money.

and you believe that reading nonverbal communication is the best way of achieving your goal - And you’re probably 100% correct!

But can I ask what you want to achieve by learning how to read nonverbal communication?

That would effect the sub you choose.

For example if you want to read NVC to get girls, then listen to wanted.

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Power Can Corrupt is the subliminal most directly associated with reading other people’s body language and intentions overall.

No matter what your intended use case is, PCC is probably what you’re looking to add to your stack


Well it’s one of those core skills that can be used in so many things related to persuasion and influence. I see what you’re saying though, it’s definitely not for picking up girls. While for the moment it is for use in corporate setting, and in general day to day communications but I am studying to become a hypno-psychotherapist (I have approx 5 years time to build these skills for that), and I had been thinking about practicing being more intuitive and not just relying on a person says.

Recently read about Milton Erickson in Robert Greene’s book and I was like, okay that’s it, it is very much possible and I will dig into it and learn it.

PCC does make sense, non verbal cues are a big factor in understanding power games. So not a bad place to start. I have HoM in my stack and was wondering if it would already have something in it related to it.

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