Query about sub download

Yo what’s good guys.

Dope that you guys have a community here for subs and the results you get from them.

I ordered True Social Ultima Core yesterday. I haven’t heard back yet, it’s been 24 hours, so wanted to chime in here. I haven’t received any download links for it yet.

Please advise,

yooo its usually instant but theres some deal happening with downloads that they adressed in another thread. They’re on it apparently.

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okay awesome, Thanks for the information!
Time to practice my patience :wink:

Upwards spiral!


The Core? Did you buy from the Q Store (https://q.subliminalclub.com/), or from the main store (https://www.subliminalclub.com) ?

If it’s the one from the Q Store then it’s a module only, not a stand-alone sub, so can’t be downloaded on it’s own, you need to build a custom with it.


Ahhhh okay, thanks bujin. I think I bought a Q store module then in that case. Appreciate the update. What do you suggest? I wasn’t planning on building one and not sure how that process works. Do you know how many I can add or what’s a good module combo? I am thinking of saving up for Khan as a standalone sub when I get my next paycheck.

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hi did u read in here?

Since you are at the beginning of your journey with Subliminal Club, its better to run the standard titles from the main store.

You can add up to 20 modules, 10 being the minimum, of which 1-3 cores (some opt for more). The module that you purchased are forever yours to use in building costumes. Once you license one, you can use it again for your future builds, keeping in mind that there is a 99$ base cost to build one, even if you already using a fully per-licensed modules/cores.

Save up for khan is my suggestion, or perhaps you could run a foundational title such as Ascension or Primal. Remember that you get a 30% coupon for your first time purchase

Downloads are back and working fine now.

If you purchased a core, you bought a module from the Q Custom store. The actual title is here: https://www.subliminalclub.com/product/true-social-supercharge-your-social-life-social-standing-and-popularity/

Open a support ticket @ https://support.subliminalclub.com about this and our Support Agents can help you with this. Thanks!

LMAO mans bought just the single core instead of the maintitle
:rofl: :rofl: :sob: :sob: :sob:

edit: i sry for laughing :grin: :relaxed:

lol learned my lesson.

Bought Khan today. Let’s get it.

Will keep you posted on progress.