Quantum LimitlessQ + something else(?) Can you help me?


Hi everyone! I’m new to the forum but I was reading trough it from some days and in need to ask some things if anyone can help me. :slight_smile:

I started using Quantum LimitlessQ Ultrasonic format for 8 loops during night, for 4 days now and I want to ask this:

  1. I want to add another sub for seducing women. What can you suggest I can purchase to stack with QL Q?

  2. how many loops I have to do for each one, QL and the new program you will suggest me?

  3. it’s okay to stack a multi stage sub + a single sub?

Thanks to everyone!


8 loops is too much really. How much experience do you have with subliminals? SC subs in particular?

As for seduction, have you thought of Libertine Ultima?

What exactly is your goal in stacking QL with another sub?


It do not create problems to me doing 8 loops per night, I handle it well. I used KhanQ but not finished it before. I started then QL Q because I needed something to support me with studies. I prioritized my studies.

Is libertine ultima not only a supercharger? And cannot build long term result or I am wrong?
I need something that can create long term and lasting results with women because my sex and romantic life is too poor right now.

I don’t have any particular goal staking QL and another sub for women toghether. I want that them work apart, one to study better and the other to get women. Two distinct objective.


8 loops is too much. How long have you been doing subs from SubClub for? You’re new to the forum but said you did Khan? In my opinion it’s too much and you’ll probably be stonewalling yourself. In regards to how many loops for each program, it really depends but I’d say 1-2 each program until you build up your tolerance for the subs.

I follow what @Simon said and keep my subs to less than 6 loops daily overall. This has helped me.

1-2 loops is enough for most people. Trust me, I want to do more but I’ve reluctantly done less loops and I’m starting to get better results.

I personally can’t answer your first question but maybe Primal - not sure which one but I’m assuming those would be the ones to look into for the sex and seduction thing.

You can stack a multistage sub and a single sub but it’ll be dense depending on which subs you choose. I believe multistage subs are dense af anyway.

It sounds like you haven’t used the subs long enough to be determining that 8 loops doesn’t bother you. I’d recalculate your number. Trust me.

Libertine works better, I believe - don’t quote me, along side a program such as Khan, Primal etc. I’m assuming it can be used on its own but the results won’t be as big. Ultimas are still be looked into in terms of creating permant results - also don’t quote me, but I’m believing they do over time.


Okay I understood. So I have to lower down the loops a lot!
Before, I used KhanQ that was a gift from my Brother and I was doing it too for 8 loops until mid stage 3, then I leaved it for QL Q that I started from 4 days (ST1). Another
Reason for leaving Khan is because it take too long to see results.

What is an optimal volume for Ultrasonic in db on frequensee?


Hopefully this answers your last question and makes sense.

In regards to Khan taking too long/not seeing results, it’s probably a mixture of you using too many loops and the fact that multi-stage programs are dense af for the subconscious… You don’t need that many. Post-Q I believe is equivalent to 3x the amount Pre-Q for Multi-Stage programs where as single subs are I believe 6x the amount or something like that so you’re receiving so much information in a single loop already compared to the old technically used.

You using 8 loops is around 24 hours of the sub being rammed into your subconscious and having no break in-between to process it, hence the lack of results.


I ran 8 loops of Khan for some time and I was stonewalling and only after I reduced the number of loops to 4 I started getting great results. Personally, like @Brandon said I wouldn’t play more than six loops. However, that number is for experienced users who have gauged the way the subs affect them, beginners should start with 1-2 loops and try to gauge what works best for them. Starting with two subs is not a good idea unless you’re an experienced user and you know what you’re doing. Patience is key, mate.


Perfect then. Thank you guys for the advices. I’ll stay in 1-2 loops for QL Q and then increase after some days if I feel so.

I also read somewhere that for Q subs you have to take 2 day break.


This will answer all your questions that you’ve just asked:

Single Title and Loops

It’s suggested to take a two day break yes. You’ll most likely see your results on your rest days.


Just like Khan, QL is also multistage. So be patient. For some, results may take some time to manifest.


Also, I would advise you to add Elixir to QL Stage 1 since Elixir helps in healing and repairing and that’s the main focus of that stage. You could introduce Elixir once you’ve found what amount of loops works best for you. Once you’ve found your “sweet spot”. In my view to get the best results, you will have to run that stage for at least seven weeks and then decide upon your observations, goals and feel if you’re ready for the next stage. The seven weeks I mentioned is a general guideline I developed for my listening routines. Some people run a sub/stage for four weeks only but again patience is key. Also observing yourself and journaling would be of great use.


Elixir can be a good idea. I will begin a journal to track the progress. thanks


You now know that 8 loops is too much (and can result in stone-walling. in other words, slower results).

You’ve said that for now you’re switching from Khan and have been using Quantum Limitless.

Maybe you’re in school now? University? or High School?

I’m asking in order to get a picture of your lifestyle and the kinds of things that you’re doing and working on in your daily life.

Subliminals are like plant food. You can get the best plant food in the world, but to see if it works, you also need to have a plant. And then you need to make sure you spray it on the plant. You’ve got to spray the right food on the right plant.

In this metaphor, the plant represents your active, growing life: doing things, practicing things, developing yourself.

If a subliminal is well-matched and combined with your active life, you will experience a jump in your growth and in your effectiveness. It works best when you add it to something that you’re doing.

So you need to look at your life and see where you are currently actively growing and developing. If you find that these days you’re working to study and learn, Quantum Limitless is going to show you great results.

If you’re actively socializing, communicating, and having interactions with people, then the results of any of the Status and Relationship-related programs will be easier for you to observe.

If you run a program that is not closely related to the activities of your daily life, then the results will be harder to observe.

So, where are you most active in your life these days? What are you usually doing or working on or wanting to work on?

The other point is that you started from one of the powerful multi-Stage programs, Khan. That is jumping into the swimming pool at the deep end. Nothing wrong with that…if it works. If not, it can leave a person feeling confused or frustrated.

You’ve already said you wanted to run a program related to Seduction and Attracting. Well, Khan is definitely one of those. But you can ramp up to it.

Here’s what I’d recommend:

  1. For the next 2-4 weeks: play 1 loop of Quantum Limitless and play 1 loop of Ascension.

  2. Then, forget all about the subliminal and go work your ass off on studying and also go have a great time communicating with people, enjoying people, and expressing your ideas and desires (where appropriate, obviously).

  3. If this sounds too easy, that’s great!

  4. After 2-4 weeks, you’ll be noticing that things feel pretty good and are progressing decently. Now add a loop. Where should you add the loop? Again, look at your life. Where are you spending the most time? Do you naturally find that you’re studying a lot? Add a loop of Quantum Limitless. Are you finding that you are socializing with people, negotiating with people, or working on teams quite a bit? Add a loop of Ascension. Are you doing both? Then add a loop to both.

  5. Repeat Step 2. Forget about the subliminals. Really get into living your life. That’s where the magic happens.

  6. There’s no need to go past 2 loops, but if things are really moving, and you’re hungry for more, add a third loop after 2 weeks or so. At this point, you’ll have a feel for how the subliminals interact with your daily life, so you can just raise and lower the loops based on what you’re observing in your own development and experiences.

The point is that the subliminals are food for feeding active parts of your life. And your active life is food that feeds the subliminal. Use them and observe them in combination and it will be clearer to you which way to go.


Wonderful explanation!
As you said I am a student at university and I need QL for better studyng.


Have at it!

This is gonna be good.

First stage of Quantum Limitless, Quantum Rebalance, is about adjustment, restoration, and internal development. It’s setting the structural stage for the power that comes afterwards. More of a subtle stage, probably, for most reasonably healthy people. But you can still observe changes in how you feel and in how your thoughts and attention flow. Things start ramping up in a more obvious way in stage 2. (That’s the stage I’m in currently. I tend to spend a long-ish time in each stage; that’s not necessary.)

Wish you a lot of good learning (and high grades too if that’s what you’re after).


I personally play subs for only 2-3 hours a day, but I also do not take weekends off. :slight_smile:


This is kinda ok. Most night time listening doesn’t actually count.
If it doesn’t disturb your sleep, then 8 hours a night is about similar to 2 hours in the day.

Day time listening of 2-4 hours is recommended though. Choose night only if it’s not possible to listen during the day.

So, if over-listening is not the problem …

Then this lack of results is probably more because of lack of action.
Passive listening does not work with active seduction or business building.

You may resume Khan instead of switching to Ascension, but you have to follow what @Malkuth said above.


Also, journal everyday about:
what actions you took towards your goals today,
what new habits or ideas for those goals are occuring to you,
what possible actions your brain came up with but you did not act on,
what situations you faced today that you want to respond better next time, etc.


@Azriel @pacman @WhiteTiger @Brandon


are you recommending this to us or saying were doing this ?

Either case, thank you :wink:


Solid advice @Simon @Malkuth
As u saw in my journal as soon as i took little action the ball started rolling.


For you, I’d like you to add to it. Tell us more of your secrets. :yum: