Quantum limitless


I recently saw the quantum limitless. The sales page was very lucrative. But a special thing caught my eye on it, “time dilation”. My question is, can I use this ability of time dilation to get more exposure to a sub in the same time duration?
And I am aware that the question seems like a hack…


No, the time dilation is because your working flow is speeding up making the time around you seem slower. Compared to what other are experiencing it in. The subliminal itself wouldn’t really be speeding up. To put it in another perspective it seems as you are moving faster then the world around you making you do more things in less time, meaning it feels as if the time is going slower then it used to.


That’s what I’m saying, I could speed up subliminal playback speed to my perception of time.


The time dilation effect is similar to how a surge of Adrenalin in a stressful situation (brought on by the fight or flight mechanism) allows a person to respond to almost every situation.

Less known is that it also happens once the body goes into full ketosis (which happens about 3 to 4 days into fasting or starvation when there is no more sugar to burn), since apparently the brain does better on ketones than glucose (not entirely surprising considering the brain is built from omega fatty acids) and thus goes in overdrive.

It may also happen when in the “flow”-state mostly associated with people having dominant alpha-brainwaves.

However, the effect is not permanent, nor should you want it to be. So although (IN THEORY) you can definitely speed up the subliminals since your brain is able to process things faster, it is no guarantee that you are always in that state. Plus, like exercise, the brain doesn’t actually process the subliminals right away, it does that at a later time.

Do try it though, you’re not the first or the last. There’s a whole thread about it. And QL would certainly improve the processing speed of your brain and allow you to process more in less time. But, ironic as this may be, this will take time.

Similarly, there is the theory that you can run subs faster while meditating. And the theory of running them while asleep or awake.

I do wish to pose a question: the time-dilation effect is something that you experience consciously. There is no guarantee that the effect is also helpful to your subconscious mind. Maybe it will continue to run at the same speed either way. If we consider that, would speeding up the subliminal have any helpful effect at all?

To make this post even longer...

A while back I realized that TV doesn’t have to be watched at 1x speed. So I started at 1.2x, then 1.5x and now I usually watch at 2.5x. If I keep the subtitles on I can do it while working or even gaming on the computer. Recently I discovered I can do it at 3x speed if I don’t distract myself. Much like speedreading it actually makes me much more immersed in it since my brain need to focus and doesn’t get distracted.

But similar to the earlier question: if I focus so much on these things at such high speeds, will that impact how much brainpower my subconscious uses to translate the subliminals from my sensory organs into concepts it understands? And what would the impact be if I started running the subliminals at higher speeds too? Or running the same subliminal twice?


You made a point which I didn’t consider, the time dilation effect might be limited to the conscious brain only. I too doubt if it would effect the subconscious mind.


It’s one of the big mysteries. How does our conscious state and physical matter affect our subconscious?

In the early days of subliminals, they were always combined with binaural beats. I know of at least one competitor that still uses isochronic beats today to get the brainwaves down to a level more helpful with learning. Some of our members have experimented with alpha and theta states.

Other people use hypnosis or meditation and theorize it will make the subconscious work faster because the conscious isn’t constantly distracting it. One of the things discussed in the alternative listening schedule thread is why subliminals would work better if you don’t listen to them while you sleep. That would imply there is a connection to the physical body.

So if our physical brain has all the synaptic connections needed for you to have excellent memory and learning abilities, something QL aims to help with, does that also help the subconscious? Does the subconscious run off that same brain? Where does it “live”?

Fire might just consider giving you lifetime access to SubClub if you were able to provide the definitive answer to that one… :slight_smile:


How about using the power of subconscious mind to understand it’s own workings, maybe quantum limitless + dreams would help us achieve that?


Ready for another really long one? I divided the sections, see how many you get. Feel free to grade the essay afterwards. :slight_smile:

On Conceptual Thinking...

To truly learn how to work with the subconscious you need to learn how to think in concepts instead of words. Your conscious mind thinks in words and pictures, the subconscious mind thinks in ideas and concepts. Which is why it can process immense amounts of data in short periods of time.

To understand, think of an apple. When you have that apple in your mind, close your eyes and clear your mind. Keep the idea of the apple in your mind, but let go of the image of the apple and the fact that it is called an apple. If you do it right, you get to a point where you have a thing in your thoughts that gives you energy after consuming, that is healthy, maybe it makes you feel good. Abstract concepts that communicate loads of things about it.

If you do this a lot, you can get to a point where you can clear your mind even when your eyes are open and you are looking around. At some point, you start getting impressions from everything around you. It could be as simple as “good” or “bad” or as complex as the notion that it makes you tired or alert or healthy or sick or a combination of many things. If you get these impressions without trying to, while keeping your mind blank, that’s your subconscious thinking.

You may even get to the point where you look at something and you tell yourself what it’s supposed to be in that same style of communication. And that is where the magic happens.

It’s a fun and useful mental exercise. Speed-thinking. :slight_smile:

Conscious vs Subconscious Thinking

Our conscious mind need to place everything in a box. First impressions about things and people happen in moments, we always judge books by their cover because it is how our conscious minds work. I sometimes play a game with people where I tell them to focus very hard and whatever they do, do not under any circumstance think of… a red light. Boom! The first thing that flashes through their mind (and mine as I wrote it and yours as you read it) is a picture of a red light. Your conscious mind needs to know what it’s not supposed to think about. It needs to give everything a place.

Our subconscious doesn’t do all that, it doesn’t have time for it. So like a character in the Chinese “alphabet”, it attaches multiple meanings to objects, and all of these can apply at the same time. In one flash of an object, your subconscious knows every feeling associated with it, every chemical reaction that the object has on your body, every memory and so on. It doesn’t know what it’s called because it doesn’t need to know. A person that speaks English and a person that speaks German can look at the same apple and their subconscious will get the same impression of it.

If we can learn how to think like that consciously, it becomes much easier to communicate our wishes to the subconscious, because suddenly we speak a language it actually “gets”.


Think about it in terms of addictions. To food, to TV, to alcohol, to drugs, to pain. No matter how many times you tell yourself to stop, your subconscious knows how good it makes you feel. It doesn’t understand why it shouldn’t do those things any more than the baby understands why it shouldn’t stick the metal thingy in the wall thingy. Until the baby gets zapped, that is. At that moment, its subconscious knows it’s best to stay away from that wall thingy. And even as they grow older, they will feel fear for wall sockets until they teach themselves to feel safe if they use other thingies and only touch the non-metal parts.

There’s a theory that people trying to lose weight fail to do so or bounce back to their previous weight because they hold an image in their mind of their overweight self. As long as they can’t “see” themselves as being slim or associate how being slim would make them feel, they will always end up right back where they are. And so the only people that succeed are either the ones that visualize very well or the ones that struggle to lose weight and the keep it off long enough to start experiencing all the good things about being slim. See a pattern forming?

In Conclusion - Scripting in Subliminals

This is the biggest challenge for subliminal creators. They have to either get us to think about ideas and concepts or they have to make us experience the things they want us to do (by us taking the associated action), so our subconscious can learn which concepts and ideas to associate with those actions. Instead of using an affirmation that tells us we are an alpha male, they have to ask us why we are an alpha male, how did we become one, how does it feel to be one? The mind abhors a vacuum so it will look for answers. These answers create the concepts and ideas that the subconscious understands.

You see the same concept in successful hypnosis.

Still here?! Thanks a million! Now go and do something useful! :wink: