Quantum Limitless Stack

Can I pair it with EoG and Gaming Mastery X3? Or with the R.I.C.H. (non-crypto version) and Gaming Mastery X3? I read somewhere that it’s better to run one 4 stage program instead of two at the same time. I have been a winning online poker player for over a decade now but have not yet broken through six figures annually. I am at the next chapter of my life and want to supercharge my results and transition to forex trading for uncapped income potential and other purposes. R.I.C.H. (non-crypto version) seems to be the superior choice over the crypto version because of its versatility. Forex seems just like a footnote on the crypto version as well, am I right? Currently, my goal is to be the best poker player I can be to have a substantial enough bankroll for trading and QL + GMX3 seem to be the catalysts I need. I know I can make it regardless because of my experience and confidence but optimizing and getting there faster are part of my goals. My desired outcome is to reach 10m USD worth of mixed assets passively working for me. That could change when I get there but as of right now, no dream of being a billionaire at all due to the hassle that comes along with it. Suggestions and comments on my stack, please? Thank you.

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You could run the two multi stagers with GMX, but you’ll have to practice caution. Use micro Loops for the healing stages, they can be rough on some.

Although, I personally wouldn’t say that those two are harsh. It would depend on your own mind, of course. In the sense of whether you had some difficult experiences regarding to learning (traumatic past with learning) and ones related to beliefs of money.

I’d suggest going with RICH. It already works on breaking wealth fallacies that you may harbor. It’s also quick acting.

Further, consider whether you’d be interested in achieving the ultimate goals of EoG. Study each stage objective and consider if they align with the goals you’re working on achieving (I.e if they coincide with the forex and poker)

HoM and Mogul might also be something to consider, as dealing with markets is in their domain, among many other things.

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Hey thanks. When will the NWE and ZP v2 MAX or v3 upgrades for all titles get finished? Also want to ask about my planned listening schedule. So basically I just have to follow instructions and listen to 2 cycles for each stage where each cycle is 21 days + 5 to 7 days washout? So around 2 months for each QL stage while playing RICH and GMX3 alongside it yeah? What time of the day is best to listen to my stack? I read most of the 28-day subliminal master course but must have missed it.

Edit: Oh right I can also just have it as BGM as I go on with my day

17/02/2024 is my guess.

Oui, oui. More if needed.

It’s a personal preference. If you feel like it energizes you, then early in your day. If not, evening. I like to use them when I’m fully relaxed or while taking action.

Don’t use while operating heavy machinery or carrying a child, or anything that requires your full attention and presence.

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Say I get RICH now will I get the updated version with NWE for free automatically or do I have to buy it again?

Also, the Gaming Mastery X3 seems to be in the experimental stage and waiting for feedback. Correct me if I am wrong. Would you recommend QL+RICH+Rebirth stack or is Rebirth redundant to QL as QL has healing properties?

That date was just a random number that popped up, so don’t take it for real. It’ll probably be way earlier.

This is Subliminalclub. You get free life time upgrades. So, yes, you’ll get a free upgrade soon as it updates.

GMX still works great. It’s getting an update soon.

I’d go with GMX personally. Rebirth might add extra mental strain since its a healing title by pure nature. So, unless you have some deep issues that need to be worked and are difficult for you you get over, I’d stick to QL.

The healing from QL is different from Rebirth, adding a healing title, whatever it may be, would just hyper focus on healing the subject at hand.

You might consider DR: limitbreak, if you still wish to add another healing. Or just Limitless with QL and then take Limitless out of the stack once you’re in stage 2 or 3.

QL is my main. Yeah, I thought about DR: Limit Destroyer too but from what I’ve read it seems very taxing especially if run with another multistage. Rebirth says it runs well with any stack and I think I might have deep issues I don’t know about as I have been stuck in life for quite some time now. My childhood and family situation isn’t the best, to say the least. GMX3 caught my attention because online poker is just that, a game. I multi-table so based on the list of benefits it really gives me an edge. I’m just a bit hesitant because it doesn’t seem optimal yet and I also want to run pure QL first and then compare my long-term results later when I add GMX3 to the mix. So is QL+RICH+Rebirth now and then QL ST4+RICH with NWE+GMX3 later a good idea?

Yes :slight_smile:

You’ll have healed up well by then.

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It seems I confused DR: Limit Destroyer with the multistage DR. Upon reading it further I think I’ll take you up on your recommendation as it resonates more with me. Its tech is also ZPv2. I had been listening to other subliminals prior to thinking about buying my QL stack. Would you recommend a washout first or is it fine to just start QL+DR:LD right away? Also, I use Brain.fm audios for focus during daytime cognitive tasks. Should I stop that entirely? My initial plan right now is to listen to QL+DR:LD only during nighttime after my little yoga routine before sleeping.

In the future scenario where I plan to switch my stack to QL+RICH+GMX3 what does the transition phase look like? How long should my break be?

You’ll reap great benefits in time with it, I’m certain.

Subliminals from Subliminalclub? In either case, yes it’s never a bad idea to take rest.

If you weren’t listening to dense subliminals or been listening for a while, 3 days should be enough for processing.

You might notice a bloom effect, where even if you were to quit listening for over a week, you’d have results popping up here and there.

So, yes on a washout :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with Brain.fm, but it seems like audio for focus. If it’s something that puts you in the zone, like classical or some good ol` metal, then shouldn’t be a problem. At least in my case. But if it’s some brainwave sync, if I recall, it’s not recommended. Someone else could inform you better than myself @Lion

While at it, don’t mix any audio with SC. Like Morphin field or whatever you find here and there. Not worth it a bit. You’re with the leaders of the industry now. It would just complicate and backfire at you with recon and mental overload.

Sounds good. Could help your mind process them at ease. See how it plays out. You might find that it’s better early in the morning. Completely personal.

3-5 days washout out and then jump right in with the recommended listening schedule.

P.S: Feel free to listen for 1-5 minutes of the file, for hard titles, or as a way to dip your proverbial toes into the waters. More isn’t better. Keep at as a mantra.