Quantum Limitless Results?


Any outrageous Quantum Limitless results or experiences? Become a member of Mensa? Split an atom after mathematically proving your ex is a horrible person? Discovered the true nature of reality?..


I will run the full QL program when I start my 6 month retraining program.

I need to start with the neurological healing.

Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing amazing stories about QL.


@OldChap’s success story seem applicable to QL

His company said he became invaluable due to his idea flow and innovation


I programmed my first game… No tech person


I’ve only used Limitless V2 a tiny bit and then Limitless Q, as that was the upgrade shortly after I bought V2.

I’m following this thread because I’ve thought often of QL, but the idea of it scares me a bit, being yet another multi-stager.


What language?


Python . (Meet 10 character requirement)


I am using it right now. Currently at the beginning of ST2.

From stage 1 what I have noticed is more general motivation for study and cutting out all the distraction. For example in a post I stated how I feel that videogames for me became a waste of time for my success in university.

It’s also true that depending on your goals and actions you will get different results. For me to be still at the beginning of the sub I am taking important steps.