Quantum limitless looping


When i’m looping ql, should I loop one stage for a long period and only then move to other stages? (for instance stage 1 for 15 days then stage 2 for 15 days and so on), Or can i just loop the four stages together?


it is recommended to do one stage at a time


First of all, let me say, hello and welcome to SubClub. I haven’t been here long myself, but people on this forum have been encouraging experimentation. You can play every stage one after the other, mix and match with various stages and/or other subs, or just play one stage at a time.
With that being said, it is still recommended that you play each stage for long periods before moving on to the next. Some have been on stage 1 of khan for over 30 days before moving on to the 2nd. This is especially recommended to beginners and for those with a lot of baggage.
In either case, I do hope you journal your journey and if possible, share your thoughts and ideas.


@d1gz says it best. The recommendation is to run each stage separately, in the normal order, for an average of one month. You are welcome to experiment, but it’s written to work most effectively if you do follow the recommendation. Unless you stack on all kinds of other subs, there is scripting present that will make you aware when it’s time to move to the next stage.

Do not consider 15 days to be a long time. The general consensus in the psychological community is that changing habit patterns takes at least 21 days.

Since stage 4 contains previous stages, you could run it on its own like some people do. Personally, I’d still recommend going through the previous stages, as my experience is that there’s always going to be gaps in the things we’ve learned. The repetition of previous stages helps fill in those gaps, making stage 4 more effective. That’s my opinion anyways.