Quantum limitless ged


Will quantum limitless help with learning faster and better for my ged test?


Absolutely! It’s gonna make the test a piece of cake, given you have adequate exposure to QL… when is the test though?


Reading and language as soon as testing start again but math and science are a few months off. I plan to listen as much as im home and awake


QL has 4 stages, and it is Advised that you use each stage for about 30 Days.
St3 and St4 is where you’ll start developing the real genius.
St1 and St2 are building your brain up to handle the later stages.

Some users start with ST4, but they have prior sub usage.

In the end, there is no hard and fast rule for usage, everyone handles and responds differently.


I trust this need not be said, but subliminals do not replace actual studying. Time enough for that now.


Also I don’t think anyone should claim that it’s gonna make the GED “a piece of cake” it will still take time and effort to study.


Also I don’t think anyone here said anything about not studying.


Im studying for it now i was curious if this would help accelerate my progress so i wanted to ask before i bought it Ive never tried anything like this before.