Quantum Khan Journey to Genius


I have realised that before I start reaching my goals, I want to destroy what i feel is a limitation for me.
My greatest limitation is that, i cannot find the way myself, or maybe that’s just what I think.
A relevant example: I have been guilty of constantly asking people for redundant advice over and over again, instead of me trying things out. I Believe QL can help me solve this.

So, Before I Target My Goals, I wanna improve my brain capacity and Destroy this limitation for not just business but every area of life.

I have Decided to Stick to Ql For the Entire 2020, Sticking to Each Stage for 90 Days.

I want to Stack it With a lighter Wealth Sub ( Because I must stop taking money from parents) and PCC (To know how to deal with People)

Which Would be a better Choice? AM / M.

So far, I am at Day 2 QL St1 with 9 loops heard so far


Isn’t khan stage 1 better for that? QL1 should be more of a healing for brain capacity etc


Yes, you are correct. Developing my brain capacity is my goal numero uno now.
However, not on terms of being confident, talking to girls, social beliefs etc. But over all things.

I believe QL Stage 1 might be more applicable for my case because, my limitation stems from a belief towards my learning capacity ( i.e. brain figuring things out by itself etc.)


AM will give you more than simply wealth programming so unless part of your goals align with that just stick to Mogul


Is this the alpha male programming that you are talking about?


Yes, precisely


Something Interesting Happened Internally.
For 6 days I have been focusing on QL. Swapped K 3 out of my stack with Ql during the night PCC & M during day.
During these six days, I did not have to interact with anyone who I feel intimidated by.
Today, suddenly I started feeling anxiety on thoughts of interacting with intimidating people.
So, I decided to see what happens if I swap PCC and Mogul with Khan ST3 (1:1 ql:k )
Put the playlist on set and forget. After 2 hours, thoughts about the intimidating people came to mind again. But now I don’t feel anxious anymore. Coincidence? I think not.

I might pause the khan, but the khan won’t pause me


Let’s see if I can handle QL and K in one playlist now. Just for the record, 8 days ago it felt too heavy. If it does not feel heavy now, I might add mogul.


Day 16 K 3 & QL 1

Since I’ve eased onto this, I was wondering if it would be wise to add some wealth programming into my stack (Mogul).

Today, I got a marketing email for EOG. it really got me pumped to start EOG right now. but, staying strong with k and QL for now.


Day 22 K3 & Ql1

Today is the first day, i have taken a break from subliminals.