QLQ and learning code?


I am incredibly interested in learning code and I am currently only running StarkQ and I am seriously considering adding QLQ to boost my learning potential. Specifically in regards to learning code. Is this something that would be beneficial?


Just bought QLQ last night as the description of it fits many things that I want right now and think will help down the road as well.

Not sure about coding in particular but I really want to use it to learn something new before I go back to work, and hoping it helps me learn quicker and be more productive when I get back to work. So I definitely think it’ll be beneficial to learning. Just my thoughts on it.



Are you feeling that you’re intellectually Limitless right now? Because StarkQ in itself is scripted to do just that, it’ll make you feel like you can learn anything and everything. The sky is the limit is what people say but in fact your belief system is the limit. So, If that is not how you’re feeling right now than it certainly isn’t the time to add in another struggle to the unconscious.

Is this what you want in 2 months from now? Then just follow my advise, you won’t have any regrets. Try to stick to Stark for the following 2 months, after a period of time the reconciliation will ease, and the subliminal will really start to kick in. 3 following months is what it takes to reach the full potential of a subliminal.


I taught myself coding back in primary school and was understanding Z80 assembly language by early high school. One of the key concepts to understand with coding is that it’s just like having a conversation with the computer in a language not that different to your own native language. Each keyword such as for, do while, yield etc represents a specific structure or process involving either flow of execution, or data flow between different areas of the computer system.

I tend to think Minds Eye would have more impact with coding since for me at least it is a very internally visual process where you are visualizing the impact of each statement or holding the understanding of it in your mind. QLQ would be more likely to help with the focus and desire to learn I think. That being said though I’m only on Day 8 of QLQ, I might have a different opinion a few more weeks in.