QL Lite vs QL Comparison



I was wondering how the two compare. @SaintSovereign mentioned the core is there, which is interwoven throughout all stages. It’s just that personally for me I have to choose between Emperor and QL, and I am curious which would work better.

QL boosting learning & productivity is amazing. The time dilation sounds very cool. However, Emperor is much more comprehensive and looks more aligned with my goals generally.

So what is, really, the difference between them? What sort of things would one be missing out on by using Emperor v4 rather than Quantum Limitless?


Why choose? You can always run Empv4 and QL stage 1 then 2 and so on.


Because I do not have enough time to do 8 loops a day, and I read this is the recommended amount of listens.

So, if I were to pick one or the other I wonder how much I’d miss out on the learning and intelligence boost effects by picking QL.


Another option I consider is Alchemist due to my personal interests…

Would going down that path be a possibility to replace QL and Emperor using the various methods available to us in the occult practices?


In the past, people often used Limitless v2 & Emperor together.

The Limitless scripting in Emperor (QL or otherwise) is geared towards supporting primarily the understanding and integration of the skills needed by Emperor. QL on the other hand is geared towards all aspects of learning AND intuition, optimizing the brain’s learning and comprehension processes as well as its associative abilities.

So yeah, a basic form of Limitless is in pretty much every other sub, but QL obviously does a lot more because its goals are different.

For now, if Emperor aligns best with your goals, use that. The Limitless scripting inside it will help you get all the learning you need to make Emperor effective. And it likely creates a good foundation for when you do eventually run QL.


I’d suggest starting off with Emperor and then once you’ve built a foundation with that then you can begin QL.


Don’t worry about that. It is only a misinterpretation made by some members.

Besides, for the products you’re considering (Emperor & QL), @SaintSovereign has said over and over that they’re very powerful and even 1-2 runs a day would bring noticeable effects.

Enjoy. :+1: