Q vs Multistagers


I read one of the reasons for the Emperor EQ testing was to determine if the subconscious can still manage to process much larger amounts of data/information than it was previously assumed.

I also read that it’s not advisable to run two or more multistagers at the same time, presumably because of the potential information overwhelm. In light of the new findings, is this still the recommendation? Also, how does it contrast to running, say, only Quantum Limitless ST4 right off the bat instead of going through the stages one by one?


Short answer, all of those considerations are subject to experimentation and individual differences.

That being said, if you are a beginner and have an urgent, specific goal or need, it is advisable to get the program most closely related to that goal and then play it while working your ass off to meet the goal in real life.


Subliminal use isn’t a marathon. The more information introduced to the subconscious, the longer it takes to process and integrate into your life. I’m sure the subconscious can technically handle even more than what we’re currently giving it, but you have to strike a balance between the amount of information being presented and the time it takes to process. Sometimes, it’s easier to narrowly focus on a particular title and then move to the next one when you see progress than to try and manifest EVERYTHING at once.

If you can get results from running a bunch of multistage subs, then go ahead. It’s all about experimentation and what works for you. We’re just giving general guidelines based off what we’ve seen. If you don’t get results, then you know to back it off a bit.


From what I’ve seen the new StarkQ title has a lot packed into it. I’m assuming you’re pretty sure it’s still gonna work for the majority of people, right? Because they can’t just back off of a portion of a subliminal. I’m also assuming that would be mean that you’ve found the balance you mentioned for the majority of people. Or does it work differently with Q now? That was part of my original question.