Q Store Wishlist Shortcut

Maybe am not able to find it but is there an easier way to access the wishlist in the Q Store? Right now I have to add something to wishlist and only then am I able to see a “Browse Wishlist” option

Is it possible to make a wishlist shortcut similar to the Shopping Cart shortcut?

This is using Android Chrome browser





Add me to the list. My wishlist at the main shop is… well, at first I couldn’t access it. Now I don’t see the heart icon to look at it.

@Fire @SaintSovereign

Possible website issues.

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@unusualfellow - thanks for the help but we are looking for a solution that is user friendly so that it is helpful to all. I personally do know how to get to the wishlist in other ways

Thanks for thinking of the Subliminal Club collective!:grin:

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There seem to be something odd with my wishlist
the hearts on https://q.subliminalclub.com/shop/ do not add them to my list.
If I go into for example https://q.subliminalclub.com/product/a-sps-cutaneous/
there is two hearts.
https://q.subliminalclub.com/product/a-sps-cutaneous/?add_to_wishlist=[some numbers] which add it in my wishlist succesfully, and then https://q.subliminalclub.com/product/a-sps-cutaneous/# which appear to do
…nothing but turn the heart yellow.