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One small detail that might be helpful would be to include a feature in the Q Store that allows us to specify a title for our Custom Subliminals.

Many people seem to choose names for our Customs, and if we are able to input them when making the order then when the file for the Custom is ready it could have that title as the file name (or as part of the file name). This would really help with keeping our own subliminals organized.

Right now the file name is a Q-store generated code that has no particular meaning to the end user. As we accumulate more and more customs, this naming convention is likely to lead to more confusion.

(Yes, I’ve renamed the file after downloading it, for anyone who asks. If that file is damaged or lost, however, and the original file needs to be re-downloaded, having an easily recognizable file title might make that process a bit smoother and more efficient.)


I tried putting that in the delivery instructions. We’ll see if it worked any day now.


Interesting. But it seems, to me, like something that would need to be integrated into the overall automated workflow. You know?

Manually inputting personalized titles for so many hundreds of orders wouldn’t be worth the time.

Anyway. Fact is, the system works right now. This is just a suggestion for a possible improvement.


I agree! I renamed my files too but when the audio player plays it, it shows the order number of the build.

This and the “selection of modules with checkboxes” during building of the Customs, would be excellent upgrades to the Q Store.


agreed, this would be incredible!
custom 9693 feels like a prisoners name lol


@Azriel - ROFLLLL

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a list of all the modules that have already been licensed by the user will be really helpful


I like this suggestion. Without knowing the build process it’s hard to say if it’s feasible. But for anyone that wants to edit their stuff this is pretty good software I use sometimes.



Both suggestions @Malkuth and @mecharc are really good, I would love for them to be implemented.

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Download link avaliable in the order section once the processing is over :slight_smile:

Ya that would be nice or something at the check out where i can pick the modules off a list of what i licensed.


They are developing a module picker, so there you have it.

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