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My list
RegenerationQ Core
Attachment Destroyer
Blue Skies
Carpe Diem Ascended
Debt Annihilator
I Am
Ego Adsum
New Beginnings
Productivity Unleashed
Stress Displacement
Wealth Limit Destroyer

Basically my reason for going with these is because I want to be able to live my life free of the guilt , shame , fear, trauma , stress, doubt, and worry of the past , future , and the opinions of others. To be more grounded in the present and be able to enjoy life and help others without the need , desire , belief, or feeling that any sort of expectations or reciprocation is involved or needed. I was raised and grew up around people who often wouldn’t do anything for someone else without some sort of agenda. I’m over the self absorption , toxicity , and immaturity that is so prevalent around me. I remember reading a quote recently that said " Be the change you want to see" . I may be paraphrasing there but you get the idea.


Received my custom maybe an hour or so ago and I am running one loop before bed then probably a loop first thing in the morning.


Holy moly, that’s a lot of healing!
Call it JCastQ.


Looking forward to reading about your results


@SubliminalUser Thats the whole point to an extent. I have spent so much of my life watching folks do or say some of the craziest , most self absorbed , mentally and emotionally unhealthy things that I have often looked back at what I have said or done and the mistakes I have made out of insecurity , fear, immaturity , selfishness, doubt , shame , or any other toxic or unhealthy habit and I want to eliminate it all from who I am .


I listened to one loop last night before bed and it felt good. Definitely very powerful. I felt quite a bit of tingling in my body and felt myself getting more and more relaxed. I’m going to run loop here shorty


It just popped into my head how often I have felt some sort of obligation to fix or rectify a situation just to make someone happy knowing it will happen again. That is the reason why I chose the modules I did is to eliminate that need to act out of fear or shame as well as the attachment involved. I have asked myself and others for a long time why people do things they don’t really want to do out of whatever sense of duty or obligation and I can’t say a whole lot if I catch myself doing the same thing


Finished up two loops just a bit ago. May run one more before bed this evening. Thinking and feeling more and more that I hit the nail on the head for what I want to do and achieve with the modules I chose. Outside of not adding Lion IV I got what I want. May switch things up a bit in a future custom but other than that I am extremely happy. May swap out Blue Skies for Lion IV on my next purchase. I can definitely feel Attachment Destroyer , Carpe Diem Ascended, Debt Annihilater , and Productivity Unleashed at work. Got a bunch of things done today and really thinking about if I need to spend money before I do.


Any reason for this? As well as not incorporating any other breakdown cores.


@SubliminalUser I have dealt with so many people going on and on about how great they are , what they have achieved or accomplished even though often it’s not a whole lot, and just really loud almost obnoxious personalities that I feel a need to go the other way. Lion IV and Total Nonchalance epitomize that for me. My way of going out and doing or achieving what I want without looking for , needing, or desiring any type of pat on the back or accolade. Just once again doing my own thing.

I feel that with I Am , Ares , Febrrus, and Attachment Destroyer I have the core of what I want in terms of healing. New Beginnings and Blue Skies seemed intriguing but I could have probably have left that out same with Rebirth as I spent a lot of time listening to that by itself . Those three and Ego Adsum will most likely be dropped from my next Q custom

I have always deeply admired and respected people that did what they did , worked their butts off , didnt draw attention to themselves, and went home or whatever. Kept to themselves and did their own thing

It’s probably the GenXer in me that just wants to minimize things, do what needs to be done , and just go the fuck away.


Will be following your journal closely. I really do hope this Custom will bring you the change that you we’re looking for and we’ll also be able to get some insights on the various healing modules, which I appreciate. My mother is kind of in a similar position of being programmed with negative self-imposed beliefs through periods of growing and other influences. Depending on your results I might get her a Custom similar to yours that’ll suit her needs.

I wish you luck, prosperity, health and my blessings. Banish those demons! :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if it’s the Debt Annihilator , Attachment Destroyer , another module , or a combination but I definitely feel far less inclined to want to spend money. I ran at least three loops yesterday possibly four. I don’t recall the exact amount. Feeling quite a bit more playful and relaxed today. For sure not willing to make myself crazy or upset over things I can’t control or want to. I can almost feel myself consciously and subconsciously mentally and emotionally letting a lot of shit go. It will take time to really get to the deep rooted shit but I’m looking forward to it


Probably a combination of Deb Annihilator and simply feeling content, happy, just feeling good in general. Have you ever noticed that when you feel bad, emotionally you’re way more inclined to eat unhealthy foods, take drugs, purchase products, the reason this happens is because as a human we always want to feel good and all of these activities release dopamine in the brain thus making us feel better when we’re not.

Perhaps this may be an helpful insight.,


@Hermit Thank You. I definitely feel better but I also know it is only the beginning. I’m a bit curious and excited to see and notice how I feel as the weeks and months go by.


I believe you can make an immense transformation if you stick to this Custom for more then 3 months. Your brain is still processing and downloading the subliminal, it’s not that dense though but it’ll take sometime until it’s at it finest.

There is no more appropriate time for change as now, go ahead and enjoy your new self.


I have been listening to my custom for between two and four loops the last couple of days and I am enjoying it although the reconciliation is crazy as our my dreams. All somehow related to an issue I am working on. Weirdly enough instead of panicking I found myself continually working to find solutions on my own for whatever obstacles I faced.


I don’t recall but I believe I only did one loop yesterday and have yet to do anything today. Dealing with a tad bit of reconciliation as I care way too much about dick head shit I would rather not. It’s a bit fucked but also amazing how trivial shit can distract you from focusing on what you want. More than a little done with folks dumping their insecure narcissistic needy shit on me.


I think many of us still need reconciliation with the customized subliminals.

We will get there sooner or later in any case as long as we persist.


Yeah we will. Definitely feeling Attachment Destroyer and Rogue today. Have zero desire to do whatever the fuck everyone else is doing. Fuck social media. Fuck spending money on shit you don’t need. Fuck whatever the fuck Tik Tok is.


– Jack Dorsey, 2035