Q store Module Selection on Smartphone

My experience to select modules in the Q store is poor!
With increasing modules, the experience is getting more difficult.

I sat to select modules for a new custom twice, and I quit half way both of the times.

To be absolutely honest, on my smart phone, the experience can be better no doubt.

While scrolling bdown the list, I open my selection modules in a new tab, then reach the bottom of the page and hit more to load more modules and this process continues untill I reach the last module. During this process, if I touch over any module by mistake I get into the page of that module. When I hit back, I have to start from the top all over again.


i recommend computer.

On iPhone, Chrome – press and hold the link, click “open in new tab.” Close that tab when you’re done, go back to the tab with all the modules listed. At a certain point, people, it’s not our fault if you’re not using your own technology properly.

We can’t load all the modules at once, we have to use LazyLoad or people on slower Internet connections can’t use the Q service. Simply open the links to the individual modules on a new tab.


Might be better to use pagination. I’m guessing the amount of modules will not be going down, only up.

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That is exactly what I do

My default is to open the selected module in a new tab. But issue arises:

I don’t intentionally press on a module in the list page. sometimes a press happens by mistake unintentionally. Blame it on my hand eye coordination.

This press takes me to the specific modules page (which is okay). But when I go back to the modules list page, all the loaded modules gets reset you gotta scroll and “load more” all over again.

Is there anything that can be done so that the number of pages which was previously loaded does not get reset?



My current work around to this is to open a category. Eg- Result Enhancement. And then scroll through them and open new tab as you do. Less chances for mistakes since the modules are much less in each category. And it is also an easier way to look up all the modules based on my goals.

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Pen and paper. I put my custom’s modules on flash cards (index cards) and shuffled them around till something felt right.

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