Q-Store Double Sanguine Custom Core In Drop Down List

I was browsing around the Custom website and noticed double Sanguine Core in the drop down list.

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Had the same “problem”

Just pick one of the 2 and include a message that you want the Sanguine module in your custom.

(in case you want to make a custom)

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@aeiouxyz @Dragon-Lesson

This is an important point. With the 2 core recommended limit, this double instance of a module could confuse someone, especially because some times the word “core” is not listed next to modules that should have “core” in the name. This might lead someone into thinking there is a NON-core version to chuck in there.

Would you please both enter a support ticket so tech knows to put this on their list of site maintenance?

@SaintSovereign @Fire

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I’ve sent a support ticket just now.

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It only shows up if you have purchased the “Sanguine” module in the past when it was still available.

You have to ask support to include this modules in your custom building process.

Same goes for

Limit Destroyer
Godlike Masculinity

It only shows up if you have purchased it before they removed it from the Q store

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