Q Store - Custom Modules Artwork

I really like the artwork on the customs. Like really like. The titles, the images, the formatting, the whole deal. It’s ridiculous. I even like the abbreviation codes (‘YggQ’).

I don’t know who is behind the design process, but I seem to like Every Single Thing they come up with.

So props to you whoever you are.

I’ve liked Yggdrasil ever since @SaintSovereign first teased it in the forum ahead of the big Q Store opening.

One of my current favorites is the artwork of Wealth Limit Destroyer. It’s so good.

DEUS is another one I love.

And another cool aspect is that the style of the artwork often gives you a sense of the module’s focus and how it works. It’s not arbitrary.

Some of them have a kind of round, circular feel. Others have sharp lines and acute angles. None of it feels arbitrary.

The Architect really evokes the feel of building up energetic architecture and internal structures.

Okay, at this point, I’m sensing I could just keep describing each one.

They’re really good. I can’t choose a favorite.

It adds to the good feeling of working with the product. I’ve always appreciated the artwork of the Subliminal Club products, but I think the Q Store took it to another level. There’s so much more of it, and also for the major programs, the art was generally working within the constraints of a kind of Black Box framing presentation. For the modules, each image stands independently.

And yes, this was the entire point of this post.


How about Stop Porn And Masturbation’s artwork? What do you think of that?

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I liked the Alpha of Alphas artwork, even though Hong Kong’s image as a financial centre has changed very much in the past year…


The PoMaQ one - I like it. If I google it with picture search, I find pictures from the same shooting which seem a bit ridiculous. This is a well-chosen stock photo.

Good selection all in all.


Plus it’s also a bit hilarious (or disquieting, depending on your mood), which also fits pretty perfectly.

Indeed it has…

And that is a great picture.

While we’re there, don’t forget the artwork for its unofficial sequel Prevent Premature Ejaculation. A number of potentially problematic implications in that one. But also, funny.


I’m actually using the Sultan image, even though I’ve not ordered a custom yet. :blush:

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Yea. It would be really cool if for our customs we could get a MOSAIC (:wink: ) that includes the images of all the modules involved!


This one as a cover would’ve been awesome. :smile:


Turns out it actually wasn’t too difficult to make my own. Thank you for the idea.


Think I’ll throw those up in my journal.

We should start a thread: Q Vision Boards :slight_smile:

:point_down:t2: Not a stack or custom, just pics I like. Same 20 images, in different layouts.





What software did you use?

4x5 Grid, Landscape.

They leave watermarks if you download, so I just took screenshots. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Damn that looks fucking epic

@friday, back up all stock photos from the Q store - Tony Stark, if he was a SubClub user

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My (potential) custom

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