Q-Status discussion


Any ideas what Saint meant by that:
In the next update, we’ll be adding the ability for Q to create Ultimas (yes, that means we’ll be able to add Ultima builds to the Q-store), maximizing the multicore functionality and soon after, finishing the “full automation” feature.

Doeas it mean the modules will be in Ultima or we’ll be able to create customs based on Utlima?


Custom ultima from what I understood.


When is the next update coming?


No date announced yet. We’ll have to wait for @SaintSovereign to give us an estimate :v:


That is a good question.

Well, we know that Q is the AI-process that builds subliminals (with some human oversight). So this statement is more describing what the computer system will be able to do rather than what that will mean for our choices.

“Adding Ultima Builds to the Q-store” can be interpreted in two ways, just as you’ve already typed out.

  1. It could mean that Ultima is a ‘Build Option’.


  1. it could mean that the Ultima Build programs that are currently available in the main store will become available as modules that can be integrated into our customs. So, when you’re building a Custom subliminal, you’ll be able to add The Executive Ultima as one of your 20 modules.

I think it’s probably #2.


It means Ultima will be another Build option alongside Q, Terminus, and Squared.

Hmm. I guess it’s time to try out that Stark Ultima Experimental. :smile:


I doubt this because Ultima isn’t so much a “build option” as it is a sound profile. Ultima is masked and ultra together, in simplistic terms (as far as I know anyway).

I think it’s probably option #2. At least I hope so. getting the power of utlimas as modules would be fanfuckintastic.


SubClub is advancing way more quickly than I expected. Between when I joined and now there have been so many updates.


You know, you’re right.

(somebody’s been listening to Limitless, Quantum Limitless, Beyond Limitless)

Pretty meta

Subliminal Club’s development is a built-in testimonial and advertisement for Subliminal Club’s products .


What he said. Ultima is a build option. It’s more than just a masked with an embedded ultrasonic – of course, we’ve made innovations on that front. More information on this later.


Subclub has already surpassed every other subliminal producers, many have been in the game for more than 10 years now. Yet they beat 'em in just 2 years.

That’s the greatest testimonial one could ask for, Saint and Fire both use subclub subs and have done what other companies never hoped to do.


Holy moly.

Man For Himself Ultima.


Anybody else get a dopamine spike when Saint hits us with this? :laughing:


You may manifest things faster than before with that.


Now the questions are what Utlima really is and how it works in the long term.


Yes, I’m really fascinated by this question too.

Terminus, Terminus2, and now Ultima.

We’ll be learning a lot about them over the next couple of years. And who knows what’s next?


I thought this option was way too major to be possible.


I would say Ultima+, as “Ultima on Q” is currently codenamed. Though I realize this is probably the breakthrough that is now allowing for Ultima to be a build option. Therefore I would wager that the “Ultima” we are getting as a build option is an evolved form of the Ultima that shipped with Sanguine U (the first Ultima title) even though there’s no version number.


What I’ve learnt about Terminus (Stark) so far is I got fantastic results after I ran it for the first time and later on I got overloaded pretty fast and when I reduced it to the minimum number of loops it gave me mediocre results and I had to stack it with the Commander and AuraQ. I would say Terminus is dicey and can give you a nasty reconciliation. Of course, maybe I was not ready for Terminus. I’ve tried it for almost 3 months.

If it comes to Ultima, I’ve used the CommanderU for 4 weeks and for the first 2-3 weeks the results were outstanding and then it slackened a lot and only when I reduced the loops from two to one I got some average results.

In my view SC should focus on Utlima and only toy with Terminus.


aaarghh! I am not sure.

I got my first major reactions from Terminus. Stark Terminus.

After that, built my first two Customs in Terminus build. I think they’re both working great. But I take good action with one (fitness-based) and very slow action with the other one (money and wealth based).

Then I built a Terminus2 custom around Regeneration. It has Dream Traveler. Listen to that on average twice a week. Sometimes 3x. I’ve begun to have more dreams.

I think I might be someone for whom Terminus is appropriate.

I’ll report back in December 2021.