Q-Status [Check this thread for updates]


Status: [LIVE]
Q-Prime: Operational
Q-Squared: Operational
Q-Relativity: Operational
Delivery Times: On target.

6.16.20 @ 7:25

Orders are now being delivered at a regular cadence. There is a glitch in Q where it’s sending out the email that the order is complete BEFORE it’s uploaded to Amazon S3. Don’t be alarmed, just give it 10-15 minutes. We’ll be fixing that issue this week.

Also, deliveries will come from "[email protected]." Please add this email to your safe senders list. You’ll also receive an email from the Q-store that your order is “complete.” If you receive that second email without the first, check your spam.

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Those who continue to break this rule will be banned from future purchases at the Q store. This notice is on the cart and the checkout. Unless you are simply licensing modules, you MUST click the Build Title link, fill out the form and pay for the “Build Fee.”


The soft launch of Q was INCREDIBLE. Demand greatly exceeded our expectations. We took that additional revenue and invested directly back into the company. First, we commissioned our programmer to add additional functionality into Q (which allows us to create and test the new Ultima build) AND we purchased two more machines, meaning Q is now running on three powerful machines.

Q-Prime: AMD FX-8350, Octacore Processor @ 4.0ghz (the oldest of the bunch), which we use for Q-Standard builds (Terminus and Terminus ^ 2 gives this one a bit of trouble – in fact, Terminus ^ 2 killed the original Q-Prime, but we were able to salvage some of the components).

Q-Squared: Intel i7-9750H, Hexacore Processor w/ Hyperthreading @ 4.2ghz, 16gb ram

Q-Relativity: Intel i9-9980HK, Octacore Processor w/ Hyperthreading @ 4.2ghz, 32gb ram.

This means processing times for your titles will be significantly faster, and we’ll be able to conduct more experiments.


Remember everyone: There is a glitch in Q where it’s sending out the email that the order is complete BEFORE it’s uploaded to Amazon S3. Don’t be alarmed, just give it 10-15 minutes before attempting to download. We’re working on fixing that with the next release of Q.


Express service has been restored, but due to the fact that the queue is still full, the price has temporarily raised to $75. Express service is 1-day guaranteed, seven days a week. If we miss the deadline, we’ll refund your express service charge.

Reminder: All custom orders will be processed in 3-5 business days (which don’t include weekends, but we’ve been processing them anyway). Please don’t submit support requests, and definitely don’t submit nasty support requests asking about the status of the subliminal unless we’ve blown the deadline.


Two issues:

We have identified an issue where people aren’t receiving the e-mail containing the link to their custom and we’re working to resolve it. It’s not on our end – the service we use to generate emails, SendGrid, has ended up on the various lists that your email provider uses to block spam.

We’ve already contacted SendGrid and they’re working on the issue. In the meantime, I’m going to manually send out the emails as the orders are complete.

Second issue: Please, everyone – send your order number when you PM us for support. If you don’t, it’ll hold up your support request.