Q site suggestions

I ordered my first custom. Sadly I’ve some problems with the Q site.

For one the login (doesn’t work, I can’t login directly (“wrong password”) sometimes I’m logged in, when logged into subliminalclub.com beforehand) & my email adress. (for some reason I don’t get the Q mails anymore (I get the subliminalclub.com mails), be it the “reset password” mail or now the download link for the custom.)

It’s my usual email adress, no freemailer, in use for 20+ years, works fine for everything else, no Q mails in the spam folder.

For these problems tickets are opened, so no need to discuss them here, but I would like to suggest some changes to the Q site structure.

It would really help if the link for a new custom is shown in the Q store with the completed order, maybe with an expiration date, so one can download it for a couple of weeks (even if the email gets lost somehow).

Please make it possible to change the email adress in your account. If for whatever reason the mail provider doesn’t “talk” to the Q store, it would be great if you could just use a different email adress without setting up a new account and losing your lincensed modules.

I think they’re having problems with email. I didn’t get an email with my custom too, I had to make a support ticket.

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You can. This is what I did when I had email issues.

It’s listed under: Account -> Account Details

Just change the email address and save. Then obviously use the new one to login with.


I know this post is about 6 months old, but has the issue been resolved?

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Thank you for asking!

Yes, it was solved a couple of days later. I changed the email adress (different provider) and everything worked fine, got all mails ever since.

I’m not sure if the problems with the providers still exist. If yes, it would be helpful to make a list of which providers don’t “talk” to the SC servers.