Q Module Pack #1 - Available Now!


Now available: https://q.subliminalclub.com/product-category/new-modules/


Results Enhancers Stack Module :yum:



Sunday is gonna feel like a year away lol. But i can’t wait to see new modules in the store, all new ways to spend money lol.


Sunday? What a wait. >_<


Gosh I am exited for that!


Do we have any guesses/ hints on what they may include or how many? :slightly_smiling_face::thinking:


Fingers crossed for Serum X :crossed_fingers:


I thought serum x was already a module


Well we are not sure what Q Module Pack means.

Either new modules will be available on the Q-Store OR modules from the Q-Store will be uploaded to the regular store and can be bought and used as stacking modules.


It’s new modules. We got this hint a few weeks back :slight_smile:


Since it’s called a Q Module Pack, am guessing it’s a collection of Q modules (old/new) that work real well together based on SaintSovereign ‘s and Fire’ s knowledge.

What its function will be, i cannot guess. But this will be just the first of many future Packs.


Yeah that seems likely too


How many modules will be added to the store?



So it is confirmed we are seeing new modules!! Damn :partying_face:

And that cover looks so fucking juicy :heart_eyes:


Looks like something out of Captain America lol. Maybe a module from Survival Instinct based of physical shielding from harm?


Anything to do with hair? I should prep my custom if otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m guessing it stands for Stellar, Steel, or Steve Rogers


Why do you guys think the module effect is the defense?

I bet its pyromancy Q


I think it’s defense because of how the image looks and also the STE stands for something, maybe shielding of some sort or some kind of transmuting something.