Q customs for (Home) (Workout Area) (Work)


This is my new Q custom that I just ordered. Will start running it and using this journal as soon as it arrives.

The fundamental focus is on healing and solidifying a solid masculine base to work from in life. The idea also was to create a pretty streamlined custom that should work relatively quickly.


Sex Mastery

Blue Skies
Ego Adsum
I Am
Lion 4
New Beginnings

10 modules total.


Great choices! I’m looking at very similar build (ascension, primal, sex mastery), but focused on inner confidence rather that healing.

Please keep up updated on the progress. Are you planning to stack it?


I plan to run it by itself for at least a couple of months, if not longer.


@dorfmeister have you received any confirmation mail after placing the order?


Yes. Right after I made the order I received an e-mail.


Downloaded and started running the ultrasonic from my phone’s speakers at about 10 am.


Still running ultrasonic through phone speaker.


Had a dream about being asked to choose meaningful dance music for a radio show and choosing two early New Order songs and they were well received.

Still continuing to play the track in ultrasonic from my android phone’s speaker.


The running continues.


I am now running the new custom on repeat from my bedroom.


Got home from my trip. I had planned not to listen to any subs, but as I first downloaded my custom on Saturday, I ended up playing the ultrasonic for a large portion of the weekend.

Got home after 8 pm and decided to forego playing an Ultima title.

I downloaded the masked version of my custom sub, and now have it looping on my main mp3 player in my bedroom.


I had another dream related to specific songs; unfortunately, I decided to wait until later to journal about it, but it has now faded.

It is interesting how specific music is coming up in relation to the custom.


Continuing to loop this in my home using set it and forget it.

Will also probably listen to Rebirth Ultima at least once.


Listening to this while also listening to the end of Kurt Vonnegut’s “Breakfast of Champions”.

Trying to wrap my mind around Vonnegut’s worldview. A big idea is that of fate, and that human beings are essentially programmed beings, robots, that essentially can do nothing other than what they do, and their sense of being at cause is illusory.


I have a sense that maybe I am feeling more relaxed and in the moment. This may be the work of Lion 4 and Ego Adsum, especially in conjunction with Primal and Ascension.

A major goal of mine would be to feel very relaxed and centered in the moment, with no negative internal dialogue, in fact, as little internal dialogue as is necessary to live and function.


Running Rebirth Ultima.


Trying to think about how Rebirth might function as a short term booster. It would seem to me that a rebirth is a transformational moment that cannot be reversed.

What would a booster along these lines be doing? Opening a temporary gap to move through if one is prepared to do so? Helping one to be in the correct state of mind to make the transformation?


Ran about 30 minutes of Rebirth Ultima. I find it can be difficult sometimes to set aside 30 minutes with the headphones to listen to an Ultima track.

I am also having issues with audio output using an adapter plugged into USB-C. I will periodically get blasts of extremely loud static when the adapter shifts slightly in the usb port. This makes the phone pretty much useless with wired headphones. I might need to try USB but honestly wonder about the fidelity of bluetooth headphones with subliminals and also worry about losing bluetooth phones.


Listening to the second half of Rebirth Ultima after a break.