Q custom order formatting

Just noticed that,the Q store automatically groups all the modules in the list into one paragraph now.Just curious if was on purpose or not?Cause wouldnt it make it harder to see all the seperate modules in a custom when Q-engineer sends it for build cause even im blur looking at it,lol

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Nice custom, @Meng123!!

Lol,think i wasted my other 2 cause i underestimated qv2.Gonna drop down to just this single custom instead to make my stack alot lighter. :rofl:


It’s a beauty.

I can sense the thought that went into combining those particular elements.


DAAMNN @Meng123

that’s a dope looking custom, thanks for the formatting note, but make sure to keep us informed about your progress with that sweet sexy power boss, empire builder legacy leaver custom


Haha,will try.Results are slower for me though so im usually lazy to keep track of changes/keep a journal.Naturalizer feels very strong on qv2 too also so very hard to notice changes.Didnt even notice i was stonewalling till i reduced loops and did a washout :sweat_smile: