Psychic seduction


I wonder if there is any product can do psychic seduction? I think it will be really cool to seduce someone remotely even I have not met them yet …it is impossible to make one like that ? I search the net and haven’t been able to find one …


I recall one vendor who claimed that creating such a product could be dangerous so he decided not too.

I think he was talking shit. He probably had no idea how to make such a product but did not want to lose face.


So you mean actively seducing someone so they start thinking about you and actually fall in love and/or lust even though they haven’t met you yet? Pretty much a hidden desire for most men after enough rejection as a means of getting control back.

A more energetically sound approach would be to use the Law of Attraction to manifest/draw someone into your life that matches you so well the both of you naturally fall for one another like a ton of bricks.

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Sorry, did not mean to sound like an ad.


I believe lots of people who practice magick can help you with that…google search “remote influence” or “remote seduction” and tell me when you get your date with that celebrity. :grinning:


true that …a lot of them are just bullshitter


in fact ,I did look up some of them …they just seem untrustworthy…


thanks for the suggestion …I am using LOA and Sigll …but it seems to me that they are working really slow… I mean like forever…I can manifest small things real quick …but when it comes to sex and women …it takes forever…i am guessing I might have some serious limiting bullshit deep down blocking me from success with women inor just even success in general…


You delete one post and then make three new ones. :slight_smile:

You have to consider that the LoA has to create the right circumstances. When it comes to manifesting the best women in your life, it could be they live on the other side of the world (but feel like they really want to live on your side and are very close to doing so) or in a relationship (but not satisfied and close to breaking up). It could be they are pre-occupied with studies or work and will become available later that year. Who knows when the conditions will be right? If you believe, the conditions will be created. But yes, it may take time.

Alternatively, you could be very broad in your expectations, but that may cause it not to work because you’re not specific enough about what you want to manifest. It’s silly, really.

I really want to get a resonator that uses gemstones and creation symbols to amplify manifestation, but the crazy thing costs 2500 USD. Not something you just buy on a whim. It’s pretty cool though, if you put a glass of water on it for a day and then freeze it, the ice has this vortex shape in it like a mini tornado that reaches up to the sky. It’s doing something to the water alright.

As for knowing if those guys are for real, the test is twofold. First, let them show you evidence of their extensive harem of 10’s to prove they have truly attracted all those women. Next, let them show you a clean bill of health to prove they have done so while keeping in mind only the best things for all parties concerned.

Of course, I myself have little to no experience with this stuff, I’m just very curious that’s all.

PS If you believe you have limiting beliefs holding you back, I think Rebirth is good for that one.


thanks for your message. actually ,I bought Primal Seduction few days ago .haven’t started yet …wonder if it can clear out my inner shits


I noticed your other post. Since I’m already all over the forum and don’t have a complete answer there I chose not to reply to it.

Rebirth is all about reframing. And of course there are the many rave reviews about Khan Stage 1. I’m certain PS contains scripting towards breaking down your barriers although it may not be the primary goal, which is why stacking it with Rebirth could possibly help.

Maybe @AMASH can tell you about the effects of PS. I believe he’s had first-hand experience.

PS You sound angry at yourself. Try and at least release that anger, it’s only fueling that which you’re angry about while making you feel bad. Accept that you have room for improvement, then start focusing on the qualities you would like instead. Even if you don’t have them yet, you’re still pointing in their direction. Your mind will follow.


thank you man . I think you are really intuitive ,I did get mad at someone early today …I will your advice…


I had high flakes with PS. So girls were not getting seduced when they were not with me.

Khan though is another story…

Btw, I know Ross Jeffries has a course specifically on what the op is asking about. I think it’s called Magick and Psychic Influence.


So you got engagement and numbers but no follow through?

He wants to know if it helps with overcoming limiting beliefs. I know Khan does apparently, but did PS do it as well?

Ross Jeffries? Haven’t heard that name in a long time. Speed Seduction, those were the days. Using NLP to seduce women by eliciting feelings and emotions and anchoring them to you. I learned a lot about language patterns from that. If only English was the standard language for everybody on the planet. :slight_smile:


PS did help a lot with limiting beliefs. But since Khan Stage 1 is all about this, it does it much more powerfully and effectively.

I got low follow through, but the few who followed through were highly interested and results in lays.

But a lot, A LOT of numbers didn’t even return the first text or respond at all, after laughing and being attracted and engaged and loving me when we first met.

It’s much more stable with Khan.


interesting enough I bought couple dozens of Ross Jeferries courses including the one you mentioned and the fact is …not that useful…nowadays …I am more into the RSD stuff …it‘s funnier and more normal…


and …I thought the Khan is a more all rounded subs focuses on a lot more aspects…I read your post .if I remember correctly …you said the vibes you projected were different…I personally like the playful vibe …and does khan project a more dominant vibe ?now it makes me reconsider…


Khan has both.


actually I am Chinese …and the stuffs I learned from Ross Jefrries can literally translate back to Chinese and has the same effect


I am giving a shot the Cosmic Master’s Remote Charmer hypnosis program.

Will let you know how it goes.


Pretty expensive. Hope it works well for you.