Psychedelics and Subliminals

Are these contraindicated? I am planning on tripping on LSD (at a dose that will likely cause ego death) soon and would like to know if it would be safe to play Ascended Mogul/Limitless while on it.

I’m thinking that it would be highly beneficial to do while you’re in a highly suggestible state/the process of dissolving your ego. I know that hypnosis has been combined with LSD in a clinical setting and so why not subliminals?

As I understand it, Limitless works when you are actively learning something, so would it even make sense to run while tripping? I barely remember my trips so maybe it could help me recall them better.

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I have to admit I know very little about LSD having said that I would suggest staying well away from such practices. As the sub is effective without having to do or take any psychedelic drugs.

This is not recommended — too many unknown variables. We can’t be responsible for what happens if you mix them. Furthermore, let’s try to limit the discussion of illegal substances.