Prometheus Rising


I decided to open a new journal for this part of the adventure, to keep things in order and to make it easier to find the information.

This time Im going back to my Stark/Alchemist/PS custom, Ive used it for 2 months and the took a break for a month to focus on Regeneration and Elixir. It was worth it.

Now Im going all in with my custom + Limitless (with the posiblility of adding BLU).

I want to focus in growing and learning:

Learning to make more business and money.
Learning guitar
Read a lot
Learn from some NLP and Hypnosis videos I have.
Do some serious DTI with the people that have the attitudes and abilities I want more in my life.
I wanna breath in everything thats good for me in the most natural and efficient way possible.


This is my custom and Im stacking with Limitless Q starting tomorrow!!

Alchemist ST 4
Primal Seduction
Iron Frame
Aura of Craving
Sexual Manifestation
Earth Shaker
Direct Influencing
Intuition Enhancer
Financial Succes Reality Shifter
Wealth Limit Destroyer
Secrets of Akasha
Blue Skies
New Beginnings
Negative Energy Transmutation
Divine Will
Energetic Development


@Joa93. Elixir Ultima with your custom. You will want it.


I will use Elixir Ultima for sure, but more sporadically, not everyday. Anyway my custom has some powerful healing modules.


Your custom looks good. :slight_smile: Thank you for creating a journal. I will be starting Libertine this week(tomorrow). I am deciding between V1 and V2.


Today I had an experience that ended up becoming a motivation for this stack.

I realized that in many things Im totally alien from many socially accepted norms, today I felt lonely because I realized that and had the urge to fit in. Fortunately I became aware of and snap out of it.

The lesson is, for this stack one of the things I want is to continue to remove faulty social programming, even if that makes me weirder and crazy to the eyes of the mob, and to clear myself from any feelings of guilt, loneliness or any desire to try to fit in or be approved.

In other words to free myself to be me in all of its glory, if someone likes me for that great, if someone dont, well its their choice.

Thats the direction this journey is going… thats the last of many lesson Regeneration and Elixir Ultima left me in this last month.


I took an early start, just listened to 1 loop of my custom and Im getting ready to sleep.
Since is technically monday, its already my birthday!!

Im feeling good right now, a warm and electric feeling in my chest, I recognize the Alchemist vibration.


My birthday isnt special just because Im starting this new part of the journey, but also because my Tantra teacher called me on friday, after many months of absence and today I will have my next initiation on my Tantric path.


I’m also trying to learn DTI. Currently reading DTI by Shawn Carson and have watched their youtube channel. Do you have other recommended resources?


Im not trying to learn DTI, Ive been doing it for years, now I want to take it to a deeper level, a level in which its so integrated in my way of thinking and processing information while learning, that simply just happens naturally in the most efficient way possible.

Without a formal trance induction and going through the process, but as a kid with the brain sucking up information, building internal models of how to do new things, in new ways. Having fun and enjoying the experience of learning.

DTI works so much better with accelerated learning strategies, and strategies for a better memort, faster information saving/accesing.

I used to have a DTI tape made by John Overdurf, I highly recommend David Snyder, he has some videos in youtube in which he guides people through the DTI process, even though he calls it The Magick Circle.

For accelerated learning strategies theres Richard Bandlers Neurosonics Brain Fitness Series.

That will give you lots of material to be good at it, of course if you can go to a training is gonna be much better.


Happy Birthday :slight_smile:



Yes, Happy Birthday!


Nice! Feliz cumpleaños!


I did something similar to DTI/DTM in a lucid dream once. In 2007. That was trippy.


@Joa93 Happy Birthday. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys!!! This is definitely gonna be a golden year. Now Im playing with my new guitar while listening to my custom :smiling_imp:


Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the recommendations. I will continue my reading and start doing training.

Interested on your DTI experience, hope you can include it on your journal when possible :slight_smile:


Did 1 loop of my custom, 2 of Limitless Q while playing my guitar, well actually spending 2 hours configuring amplitube 4 which didnt want to sound :joy: Got that sorted out.

Now Im in the park, sitting in the grass under the sun, waiting for my friend for my Tantric Initiation.

Feeling super good and relaxed… relaxed in a proactive way… in the flow.


Had a great celebration yesterday with my family, I felt pretty relaxed, social and funny. Today woke up with a buzzing sensation in the brain and immediately recognized it was my brain over processing subliminal info, so I skipped the morning subs til the feeling was gone. Now Im listening to my stack and feeling good.


I just remember I had some weird nightmare last night, I dreamt about celebrating my birthday with lots of people, everyone was heavy drinking and doing drugs, including me.
I felt so out of myself in the dream, like I was drinking for days… couldnt control myself in a really bad way. It was like all the positive changes Ive made were gone.

Woke up at 3 am from that dream with a feeling of fear… fear that some ghost or entity was looking at me in the darkness.
Now that I write about it, it makes sense to me that I was scared of my own shadow. I took care of the feeling and went back to sleep.

Im pretty sure this is Alchemist and Blue skies.