Program Recommendations {Sales & Communicative Skills}

So, I’m contemplating my upcoming Custom whilst doing that I was wondering which Title(s), would enhance communication (social), charisma and especially persuasion as well as confidence and self-esteem? Mostly regarding conveying beliefs into other persons in situations such as a sales, generally in life when discussing ideas.

Think of

So you get the deal – outstanding charisma, confidence, self-esteem, charm, chatty and highly persuasive compared to the Leonardo Di Caprio playing the Wolf of Wall Street.

Honestly, I would love to experiment with all of the Titles myself in order to have some subjective experience as the descriptions simply do not do justice, but I simply do not have enough time with the deadline I’m looking at. So here I am, pondering which programs to go for.

All recommendations, experiences, insights or advice are warmly appreciated!

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Fucking love that movie

Exactly, especially following scène

We have to have Saint & Fire create some sort of Persuasion & Sales Title.


I would love to have a title like that! For now the Stark+Primal Seduction+DareDevil combo is working very good for me.
Im not focused on selling anymore, but on creating a relationship and offering value.

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Are you running those in a Custom?

I have those in two customs, Terminus power. One of them with Mosaic.
I chose them for a couple of reasons, one of them is becoming smoother, charismatic and seductive in sales, sessions and giving classes.

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A few that come to mind beyond what has been suggested so far is:

Mastermind - see how the pieces of a deal fit together
Approachability Aura - Be more approachable
Ascended Mogul - Business mindset
Aura of Craving - Make the customer crave you/your offer
Ego Adsum - Make the customer feel like they’re the only thing in the world during your convo
House of Medici - deals, business dynasty
Financial Success Reality Shifter - self explanatory
Gratitude Embodiment - This one, for feeling the gratitude of the sale before it happens.
Informaticon - Help with understanding the prospect, and knowing what to say
Inner Circle - Meet the right people to help with deals
Intuition Enhancer - Know what to say in the convo
Leader of Men - perception of authority
Lion IV - stay cool in negotiations
Manipulus - don’t get jerked around
Power Can Corrupt - understand power dynamics
Submodel Alpha - consider possible outcomes of a deal
The Flow - stay zen!
The Merger of Worlds - visualize the desired deal outcome, help make it happen
Ultimate Writer - craft persuasive sales emails/copy
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy - drive for the sale.
and perhaps most importantly:
Transcendental Connection - forge a solid bond of rapport with the prospect

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