Processing time

If I ran The House for two days and Stark Q Terminus on the third day and repeated the cycle without a day off would be the third day a day for processing The House and the first and second day days for processing Stark Terminus or a day off (no listening) is required for processing?

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I would recommend working in rest days as part of a regular schedule. For example, 5 days on, 2 days off (weekends). Or listening every other day. I am resting from a sub for several days and I do still feel something is going on.

You can even add breaks on a bigger level, e.g. 1 week off every 7 weeks of your normal listening routine (with its own on/off periods).

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Subs is like the extra gravity chamber from DBZ sometimes I have no idea how ‘strong’ I’ve become
until I return to normal gravity.


DBZ is the greatest.