Private Accountability Journal

Stack: Wanted Khan XXX (custom) + DiamondZP + QL St1 ZP

A daily documentation of how well I am reaching my day-to-day study goals to keep me accountable.


Daily Screen Time Report

Ipad: 2h 56min
:white_check_mark: Effective Work: 38min
:arrow_forward: Anki cards: 0

IphoneX: 3h 22 min
IphoneS: 0min

Total: 6h 34min


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Daily Screen Time Report

Ipad: 6h 9min
:white_check_mark: Effective Work: 0min
:arrow_forward: Anki cards: 0

IphoneX: 1h 56min
IphoneS: 21min

Total: 8h 26min

Comments: And I am wondering why I have developed myopia with 8 hours of looking at a screen lol

Productivity Potential
[Work In Progress]


  • trying to recall dreams
  • Eating something small first thing after waking
  • Checking messages but only lockscreen
  • Cleaning the room when needed or going for a walk
  • Updating private Accountability Journal on the forum
  • Second bigger breakfast
  • Showering/getting ready


  • Anki cards or nothing else (heads)
  • polish podcasts or audiobooks (tail)


  • Journaling
  • Trading Bot


  • going for a walk
  • explaining medicine topics
  • taking a bath and watching polish tv shows / polishpod
  • Anki cards

COSTS (1$)

  • bathroom untidy
  • laying down and watching videos
  • using my ipad for anything besides working

I have just installed Awoken - Lucid Dreaming Tool android app this morning.
Btw why are you learning Polish?

Daily Screen Time Report

Ipad: 4h 50min
:white_check_mark: Effective Work: 3h 31min
:arrow_forward: Anki cards: done

IphoneX: 2h 31min
IphoneS: 28min

Total: 7h 49min

Comments: Run one loop of Quantum Limitless St4 ZP yesterday. Very pleased with the results so far. Still I am spending too much time on my phone though.

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Daily Screen Time Report

Ipad: 3h 46min
:white_check_mark: Effective Work: 3h 02min
:arrow_forward: Anki cards: done

IphoneX: 3h
IphoneS: 12 min

Total: 6h 58 min

Comments: Total time is slowly dropping, even though I was going out and had to use my phone a lot (directions, instagram post). Also the ratio between how much time I am using my ipad for work or for leisure is increasing as well :partying_face: This accountability journal is a game changer!
Goal is to increase the effective work to 6 hours and decrease iphone time to 30 mins.


Daily Screen Time Report

Ipad: 3h 06min
:white_check_mark: Effective Work: 0min (-3$)
:arrow_forward: Anki cards: 0 (-1$)

IphoneX: 6h 12 min (-3$)
IphoneS: 5 min

Total Time: 9h 23 min
Total Tax: 7$

Comments: After coming back from my business trip where I only used digital devices for 1-2h max per day, I experienced high level of recon yesterday and did not feel well in general.

Daily Screen Time Report

Ipad: 3h 46min
:white_check_mark: Effective Work: 3h 11min
:arrow_forward: Anki cards: 0 (-1$)

IphoneX: 2h 22 min
IphoneS: 5 min

Total Time: 6h 13 min
Total Tax: 1$


Daily Screen Time Report

Ipad: 6h 10min
:white_check_mark: Effective Work: 0 min (-3$)
:arrow_forward: Anki cards: 0 (-1$)

IphoneX: 4h 42 min (-2$)
IphoneS: 0 min

Total Time: 10h 52 min
Total Tax: 6$

Comments: Am ashamed to post this. So what happened? There was an event I was afraid and nervous about and procrastinated with studying for it the whole day.