Primal vs Primal Seduction


Seems like most of you use Primal to enhance your romantic skills and not Primal seduction. What are the differences between them? and why most of the people use the Primal version and not PS?


Where are you getting that from? I haven’t seen any posts of anyone using Primal instead of PS. If anything people are using Primal Seduction or PS: Iron Throne. The original Primal never got updated as PS was made with newer scripting tech and thus became the defacto update for most


Just saw it here and there. for instance:Primal Q Discussion


That thread was started 2 hours after you started this one so that answer makes no sense

Also that thread is about updating Primal to a Q version, not because people are using it a lot now but because they had good results with it in the past


Back then there were two main subliminals for seduction: “Primal” and a subliminal called “Sex and Seduction”. Primal is more focused on internal changes, while “Sex and seduction” focuses more on external results literally requiring you to go out and actively seduce to see the real changes.
With time they developed newer and more effective scripting and build methods for they subliminals, and decided - instead of upgrading both of them separately - to match them into one grand seduction subliminal giving you the best out of both worlds.


I used Primal for a while in a stack in late fall and early winter. The expectation was that it would be relatively quick in its action. I have since moved to Prim Sed but suspended that to focus upon Emp Q.


@PeculiarKid This isn’t a stupid question, and I’m still interested in anecdotal responses. I purchased Primal after seeing that thread, and because I’ve used it in the past (Full disclosure: a pirated copy at the time, I’ve since purchased all products I’m using). I wouldn’t say that PS is definitely stronger than Primal. I’m interested in comparing the two now, so I will run a week of Primal followed by a week of Primal Seduction for comparison. Khan ST2 is will remain as a constant.