Primal Seduction - Journal May 2020


Just bought the Primal seduction Q module.

Objective : to let go of past relationships, allow space for new relationships.

will start to list down my observations for the next 30 days.
Note : added to my current stack of EMPQ, GLMQ & SanguineQ

i just wonder i am overloading my Brain. Since i plan to stick to 2 loops of each, thats like 6 hours of masked with headphones on.

no ultrasonic usage for now


did 2 hours of masked yesterday, cant describe much yet…

my mind was directed towards studying women’s psychology and relationships.

ive been starring at dumb bells in front of me every day but the excuse ive been giving myself, is that the gym is closed.

i finally picked up my dumbells and did a couple of sets…

im crediting this move to the PSQ which i started yesterday


2 loops masked today, not much to mention…

still stuck in my thought loops…


2 hours of masked EMPQ, GLMQ, PSQ, SangineQ done

got my hands on a new book : atomic attraction

This book is gold! im gonna listen to it again and make notes…


my mind is still redirecting itself to course material on becoming masculine and embracing my failures. right now im on cobra tate material, so profound. but this isnt the quick fix. im absorbing a new way of looking at how i used to be, what needs to change, what actions can change it.

its a mindset shift, which im currently designing in utmost detail using mind maps

conciously ive listed an ideal version of myself, to be have and do.

so the subliminals, will allow me to recognize what i want from my life and direct my thoguhts and actions in that path.


sticking to one loop of primal per day as reccomended, nothing to mention yet


sticking to one loop of primal per day as reccomended


ive paused Primal Seduction for a bit.

im switching back to EMP 4 + glm for a bit (this somehow works better than the Q)


journal closed for now.