Primal Seduction and Ultimate Artist


Hey Guys,

I, along with many others begged @SaintSovereign to release Ultimate Artist earlier this year and saint did but I didn’t purchased the product because there is something missing in it. I don’t feel like purchasing Ultimate Artist.

However, as now I’m settled with my new business and I’m also moving into new ventures soon. Thanks to Emperor and Visualization (not a product).

I want to write again, there are million stories in my mind (not kidding, million stories literally) that I want to say.

Will Ultimate Artist be upgraded? Should I wait or buy this product.

Any updates on Primal Seduction? Emperor made me so focused on work that I haven’t had a girlfriend since March this year.

I want to get back in game. So any updates here. Or will EmperorV4 is equipped with attraction.


What’s missing from UA?


I can’t pin point. Maybe the product is great and description is not detailed properly. When I read the description, I don’t feel like buying it.

You also have said that the product didn’t made enough sale.

The product doesn’t feel specific for some reason.

Maybe I want a specific product which helps me with grammar, vocabulary and to structure a story properly. As English is not my first language. So many fears appear whenever I write a simple sentence in English. A fear that I won’t be able to give proper words to my story. That I’m not a good writer. The product, according to description is not addressing many fears an artist does face internally. I don’t care about publishing stuff. I can do that easily.

Writer’s block is not a problem for me. My main problem is fear of putting words on paper. To believe that I’m a good writer and I can write.

I was judged for my English when I was in school. That fear is still inside me like a plague.

Same with artist of other fields, they might have many such fears.

A four stage Ultimate Artist will help a lot of us. Maybe it won’t be a bestseller like your other products. But it will be a cult.


From Wikipedia:

“Writer’s block” is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown."

So yes, you’re most definitely suffering from writer’s block, you’re just aware of the actual issue behind it, unlike some writers, who can’t even pinpoint why they can’t write. That being said:

From the Ultimate Artist description:

The path of an artist is fraught with blockages. From creativity issues, to the old writers’ block, to lack of motivation, to the inability to get paid for your work and the lack of appreciation. For this reason we have created Ultimate Artist…

You will also develop the required state of mind to blast through the negative words of other people who are standing in your way. The naysayers who do not understand your art, the people who say you should do something more realistic – you will develop the frame of a person who will create what their heart desires.

Ultimate Artist will increase your creative ability and skill every day of listening, leading you to quickly start creating masterpieces. You will have an intuitive understanding and guidance of your subconscious mind on how to improve your art while you are creating it.

You will not simply be guided – you will be guided to the best possible ways of creating your art, in a way that is unique to you as an artist. Your subconscious has been an untapped well of mystery, creativity and guidance, containing endless possibilities for artistic mastery, and with Ultimate Artist you will be able to tap into this well.

All of your issues are in the description. The subliminal itself is designed to cover ALL forms of creativity and artistry. The idea of “craft” is subjective. The way you produce art is different than the way I produce art. After all, what exactly IS "art’?

Thus, the script adapts to you and your needs and that’s where the specificity comes from. Otherwise, how could we create a subliminal that meets the needs of every kind of artist? The best solution is the creation of a title that adjusts to the users needs, not the creation of a four stage version that leaves out large segments of artists.


Ok. So according to you it’s a Writer’s block. It’s confusing because I’m not short of any ideas. I know what I have to write. I have fear that I won’t be able to write my thought properly.