Primal question


So I’ve been playing primal now for over a month and I’m suddenly getting matches on dating sites?, is this something that primal does?, this never happened at this frequency before. The only difference is that I changed my bio a little bit and added an extra picture.


Yes – It’s likely that Primal urged you to change your picture and bio in a way that was more attractive. This is what I mean about taking action to see the results from subliminals. We’re getting a lot of support requests from people just running the subliminals, doing absolutely nothing, and then complaining about not “getting results,” even though they report feeling energy or euphoria while running it. You were urged, you took action, you got a result.


Wow, that’s pretty awesome. Primal really has changed me the most since starting my subliminal journey. I’m much more myself than I ever thought I could be. I’m approaching with no fear and I don’t care if i get rejected which seems to increase the attraction although like I think I’ve seen @AMASH mentioned, they don’t seem to want to respond afterwards for some reason eventhough they clearly were attracted in person. Nonetheless thank you for this amazing product, it really did change my life for the better.


Yes, @ggplex. Maybe Primal will help us make even more changes so we become a man that women not only get attracted to momentarily, but want to follow up with.