PRIMAL program question


I’ve looked for people’s experiences and results using “primal” as a stand-alone program, but it seems people are stacking their playlist with extra modules or programs.

I am after the results described on the sale page of the “primal” program. Would I use it as a stand-alone program, or do I need to stack extra modules for it to work?

I plan to listen to it at night while I sleep using sleep phones.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


With the major programs, always start with just standalone. Only add other subliminals if you have a need to do so.


Awesome, thanks for the clarification. I have been using a competitor’s subliminal in which it states that you can only run one at a time, so the concept of stacking is new to me. I did further reading on the forum after posting my question and I am now at a better understanding.

I like the sound of several club programs but I am leaning more towards PRIMAL as my major program choice. I won’t pull the trigger just yet because I want to take a break from my current subliminal before I make a switch. I’ve been using a subliminal designed for emotional healing over a considerable amount of time and feel like I’m ready to switch to a program that will help build some power and confidence within myself. After reading positive reviews, coupled with affordable prices - I am excited to try out one of the club’s programs.


Yes, stacking is fun and leads to interesting results, but a lot of the “I didn’t get results” people ended up stacking too much, or using a stack that actually didn’t line up with what they wanted or needed. So, when you choose a stack, only run what’s necessary until you truly decide you need more.


Yeah, I agree. It might dilute results and leave one unsure of which track is producing what result. I will start with PRIMAL on its own and see how it goes. I considered adding ‘rebirth’, but I will give the main program time, so I can get an idea of what I might want or need to add. I am looking forward testing it out though, and will likely make the purchase this weekend and start next week.

I have an 8 week training and diet plan set-up to start next week. Hopefully PRIMAL will help me kick some ass for that goal, but the main reason I chose the program is to help with inner confidence and improve communication skills in social situations. I am married with children, so getting laid is not a high priority, but I would not dislike extra female attention if that’s what happens :grin:

I’ll keep you guys updated on how the subliminal works when I start running it.


Somewhat offtopic, sorry about that: are there any plans to update Primal to V2?


I think they are working on upgrading all the subs to primaltech v2


Yep, look at this post here : Main Dev. Thread - New Dawn

SaintSovereign answered that question! Basically they are upgrading everything to primaltech V2 or New Dawn (which is also primaltech V2, but with new tech that could be even stronger… I don’t know the results of the tester yet so we don’t know for sure how “New Dawn” is working!

Maybe someone from the test group can anwser that question :wink:


We haven’t announced the test group yet, but we’re making selections right now.


Glad to hear it! Can’t wait to see how “New Dawn” tech is working :heart_eyes: