Primal Journal - Incredible!


Hey gentleman,

I’m new to this subliminal community. I purchased the original version of primal a few weeks back, while still in quarantine / lockdown. Some would argue this isn’t the best time to listen, but I see as extra prep for when we return to take on the world.

I had good expectations, as I’ve used other subs in the past and my subconscious is highly receptive, but this subliminal is another level. I notice the shifts in my behaviour and personality, and listen to it as I desire throughout the day.

I feel devilishly charming and charismatic. My
libido is skyrocketing and I feel extremely macho. May sound over the top but it’s true, feel like an old western movie star. My walk radiates power, dominance and laid back masculinity like ever before.

I’ve always been called handsome by women but now I look in the mirror and I feel it even more so. Like I really love myself which is a great feeling,”. Are there affirmations for handsome looks In this? Because my face looks generally sharper and chiselled.

The few women I see on the street when I go out for my daily walk stare at me. I literally feel on top of the world. Also feel much lighter and have been having dreams about my desires and me achieving them, also the release of bad things and feelings, almost like the dream is symbolic of me destroying anything that limits me.

I am a normally confident guy but sometimes I would fall into negative thinking about myself, even though it’s irrational. Primal seems to obliterate this effect. I hope to update again, hope my testimonial has been interesting for you guys. Primal is absolutely off the chain.

Thank you!!!


Journal Entry / Update

25th May 2020 -

I feel a slightly different yet cool effect today. This one is the relaxation that primal seems to bring. I feel like I’ve entered a different stage or process of results. The other days when my swag was off the charts I also felt extreme euphoria and really hyper. Although it felt great, I believe you need a balance of energies.

As listed on the description, today I felt extremely relaxed and grounded. I was very mindful of everything I did and enjoyed it also, even in the boring times of quarantine. The swag is still there without a doubt, just not as hyper and more chilled. I had an afternoon nap and woke with strong sexual urges. These are extremely intense and I am doing semen retention also. I see these urges as a positive as I feel like an alpha Male when my drive is high, and I don’t want that dull feeling after wasting my seed. I’m working from home through quarantine and lockdown so I need the energy for meetings.

So I will keep retaining and listen. Please share any tips for and your own experiences with primal, thank you!!


I said the same in my journal, since using Primal every time I look in the mirror I’m like damn I look good lol, also grew the sickest beard, now a couple of guys I know want to grow out theirs too, even my father who hasn’t rocked a beard in 20 years lol.


How long you been retaining?


A week, should be 2 weeks but I had a wet dream after the first week, I’m dreaming about sex damn near every night, Primal and retention do not go together so I’ve eased off Primal.


Do you do any transmutation exercises? (Qiqong, deer, 8 brockades, etc) even cold showers before bed can help with nocturnal emissions at night. Also no fantasizing or peeking…that increases the chances as well.


No I don’t but I should, I’ll look into those and start taking cold showers before bed, I did them but not before bed, didn’t know it would help with this, thank you. At first I thought working out and meditating would be good enough but I was wrong. Yeah one of the problems was that I fantasized too much, I stopped after that night.


Hey @Sigma11 , would you mind sharing the links to these exercises on how you do the transmutation exercises.



I just started dancing to music in my room at night. I used to love dancing as a kid before I started to repress my sexuality as I got older. I just Lock the door and jam away. I did it last night I was feeling upset and was thinking of fapping so I locked my door,turned the knob, put headphones on and danced away. I felt exhilarated after.
I guess dancing could be another way to transmute sexual energy as well.