Primal and healing the masculine self


Ok, so I am starting Primal today and will stack it with Spartan.

I guess I am seeing Primal as a sub that serves a healing purpose. A purpose that involves bringing a man into better touch with his instinctual masculinity. To clear out the things that he has learned that lead him not to trust himself, to be up in his head rather than decisively taking action.

Any thoughts on this from the makers or those who have run it for a while?

This seems like it could function quite nicely as a foundational sub before running more ambitious titles.


I was looking at primal and thinking of running it. Everybody’s journals on primal seems promising.


I was thinking I needed to develop the more relaxed, instinctual aspects of the self. The ability to trust oneself and not overthink everything before taking action.


Primal was something I ran for about a week back when it came out and then realized I had too large a playlist, but a part of me has kept telling me, “That is the one you need to run.” Now I am finally running it again.


Ive decided to run primal now aswell. Ive been running equal parts AM and limitless for a long time now and I wanted to try it out for basically “inner game”. It sais its a dense sub so im gonna run it most of the time and just maintain my old subs with less loops.