Power of not letting others have power over you


Added Power can Corrupt with Emperor.

So my review won’t be purely about power sub as I am using Emperor with sanguine and Aura, once in a day Regeneration too.


I have been listening to Emperor for a month now and actually felt need to add power sub as I feel lot of unwanted influences are there from family and friends, I don’t want to judge them good air bad but sometimes I feel that I am being manipulated as per their wishes , so my main goal is whether I can see those trends before hand and whether I can avoid ending up doing things against my wishes for people and finally whether I can use this sub to buy my freedom .


Is emperor causing you to notice these things moreso than before? It does that for me. I pick up a lot on that now. I’m also reading a book about that stuff now and I’m learning a lot about how peopl use these presuppositions and I’m picking up on them. People are very manipulative. But you are spotting it. That’s good man. :grinning:


I would say yes after Emperor and other stacks, I am more aware and can sense that I am being manipulated, I bought power so that I am read the pattern and then take corrective measures to get freedom from manipulation.

I do come to know that I WAS being manipulated but then till then other persons wishes are fulfilled, I just want to read this beforehand and break pattern


Almost 10 days on PCC , still have to see any noticeable internal / external games people play , but then it’s too early and I am doing only 6 rounds in a day , as I focus more on Emoeror as I am committed to do minimum 90 days before I decrease listening hours on that sub
But yes I have started thinking like , man there must/ shoubkt be something more than what is appearing on surface of any emotion / talk . It’s not judging anybody it’s general feeling as if my mind try to penetrate beyond but still not that sharp to read / see games if any below surface


Wow. Sounds great.


Those 48 laws of power I feel are going to take time for your grey matter to digest. My reckoning is that you should see some effects if anything after 30 days.


Thanks @blackadder , yes I will be more patient with this, and gradually will increase loops per day


Almost 25 days on PCC
Almost 4 hours of exposure every day .

Don’t feel much of difference on those lines which PCC is meant for.
But may be my exposure is less as I am more focused on Emperor and Mogul.


To be honest i am not feeling anything tangible either from PCC.


35 days on PCC

may be changes are on finer level and they are not meant to be felt like major changes.

As I can feel change with other subs like Emperor and SM , I believe something must be happening beneath but as of now I don’t feel much on conscious level .

Any inputs from other users on PCC ?


Treat PCC like a stack module. Use it with a major.


PCC is a subliminal designed to make you aware of power structures and people’s attempts to manipulate you into giving up your power. If you don’t have anyone around you that’s trying to manipulate you, or if there’s no need for you to use power games to get ahead (such as a power void at work, where you’re playing a game to get a raise / promotion), you’ll “feel” nothing. You also need the personal strength and willpower to actually apply the knowledge also, hence why it works better when paired with a major program.

Emperor is actively building up your own sense of power, which is something you’ll clearly innately feel. Sex Mastery improves your sexual ability – it’s something that’s very easily quantifiable.


Thank you @SaintSovereign
I think you have put it aptly.
May be when time and situation arise, f someone is trying to play games with me, my subconscious would be trained to guide me what’s happening.

I would run it as stack for two more months and then will take a break from it.


@rajeshwer how has PCC worked for you? please share you experience


Hi @dhc
I played few loops of PCC in beginning but U got more hooked to Emperor and Alchemist.

When played with Emperor , I think there is that edge of knowing motive behind peoples move , I think somewhere I am more trained to read body language now .

Directly I couldn’t make out being manipulated but may be I didn’t have environment like that but I do have that subtle edge of knowing , as in many a times now I am able to make next moves of people so in business