Power Can Corrupt


Holy shit,

PCC is like having a super human lie detection skills. My job entails alot of interaction with people - and even with with motives to be deceptive. Subs normally impact me quickly and deeply, Just today I felt like a light bulb in my head being turned on and I keep on seeing the deception that takes place arround me, with scarry accuracy. Mostly women, men are more simpletons.

Current stack StarkQ with PPC

I know I should probably should be journaling, but I switch too often and too quickly most of the time.


great start, im plaining to start this (starkq + pcc) from 1st may…
pls journal your outcome until then… thanks


PCC is probably the best single stage sub ever. With StarkQ, you’ll be like a psychic bloodhound.


both are main programs and not stacks


And now there is PCCQ


gonna get this soon…