Potentially great for entrepreneurs


I recently read cracked it, and bulletproof problem solving.

These two books have great approaches towards problem solving and then selling the solutions.

I don’t know if you have included these concepts in your products already, but if you haven’t done so, a subliminal with these concepts would be of interest to all Entrepreneurs in this community.

What do you guys think?
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@mecharc - I was able to find Bulletproof Problem Solving by Charles Conn and Robert McLean. Could you tell me the author(s) of the “Cracking it” book? Wasn’t able to find it. Or do you mean “Crushing it”?


@raphael the book is actually “cracked it” by Bernard Garrette, Corey Phelps and Oliver Sibony. My apologies for the error


@mecharc - cool. Thanks for the recommendations. Will definitely have to check them out.

Hopefully they are incorporated in the subs. Else will use Limitless to learn them.


@raphael I suggest you read cracked it first


Great suggestions, thank you.
The real gems are always hidden, unfortunately.
Everyone recommends Napoleon Hill, well I read books most people dont even know exist and they are absolute gold, worth every penny. Maybe we should open a thread for such kind of books.
What do you think?


I would be interested, Im pretty sure Napoleon Hill has the moral side of getting rich thoroughly covered but It can also be more nuanced.


@ExploringAstronaut I am definitely interested with your proposition!!!


Let’s get this going


Here you go