Potential Custom Stack

I have a couple of subs that seem to fit into my agenda. How does this look? Also I will go for the full terminus square as well.

  • Stark Q Core
  • Inner Circle Q Core
  • Ecstasty of Gold Q Core or Mogul Q Core
  • Omnidimensional
  • Ultimate Writer
  • Divine Will
  • Inuition Enhancer
  • Lion IV
  • The Spotlight
  • Sultan
  • Total Nonchalance
  • Positive Being Attractor
  • The Merger of Worlds
  • Jupiter
  • Unrelenting Wealth Motivator
  • Debt Annihilator
  • Financial Success Reality
  • Secrets of Akasha
  • Natural Winner
    Saw Pragya might add that and replace something else.
    Main thing is to break through to make more money as well as finding people wholl help me and get much better and paid for copywriting, marketing and such. Yay or nay as well as any suggestions or changes?

I’d definitely add Pragya, probably in replacement of total nonchalance as that one stands out as being a bit redundant alongside Lion IV.

You might want to swap Stark for Limitless as if you’re looking to get into copywriting, a learning module would be very useful.

I would agree but doesn’t stark core have learning in it?

Stark almost certainly has limitless and/or Quantum Limitless lite in it.
It also has inner circle like manifestation for success in chosen endeavors and empire building and/or success and connections to becoming a renowned prodigy in your chosen field


So I saw Yggdrasil and it sounds up nice; should i use that instead of Jupiter? Or what are the best result enhancers?