Post Count Deleted


Was there a reset or did you delete some messages?


I am missing like 100-200 likes, and probably >100 messages. I am just hoping my old journal entries did not get deleted


Yes, I noticed it this morning when I was looking at my coupon. I was updated to Alchemist around a month ago and now my post count says I’m not worthy of the title. Probably something that happened in the Database when converting account to the Q-store.

Did we pick-up on each other thoughts again? Did you project it onto me, or the other way around?


Don’t repeat this in public - otherwise, people will believe we are having a love affair :smile:


Tagging @SaintSovereign so he knows.


Just checked - my oldest journal posts are still there. Also, seems it were not the new posts that got deleted but of course hard to remember all 850…


I’ll look into this — we haven’t charged anything on our end.