Possibility of a discussion section for relevant resources?


I think it could be interesting to have a discussion category for self developmental resources (books, audio/video programs, etc.) that might work well in conjunction with the subs.

I am thinking topics like PUA, NLP, Hypnosis, Fitness, Strategy, Pheromones, etc.

I actually found out about these Subs on the Discussion XS pheromone board and I noticed that the pheromone merchant Aroma Fero is selling your products.


11-02-18 @ 11:08 PM:
I could be wrong, but If I read correctly, I believe that Aroma Fero is working in collaboration with the creators of Subliminal Club in developing some of the sub scripts.


Yes. I saw that in the copy for S&S.


I think It’s a good idea, I have pheromone products and have seen the benefits of using them, combining it with the Subs could give users interesting results.


I had to look up what pheromones are meant to do. Seems like not having the personality of a dial tone or being creepy would be way more beneficial


You may find that a number of people here actually use them and have a more educated view.

Many people doubt the efficacy of subliminals until they use them. Experience gives a more nuanced point of view.


I concur. I am now, and have been for around six years, a heavy pheromone user (I’ve got Nude Alpha on RIGHT NOW). @JCast, you’re doing yourself a strong disservice by casting pheromone users as creepy.

Also, we’ll take the resources section under consideration. It’ll have to be moderated, because these topics tend to bring some… “characters” out.


I have not used Nude Alpha but I recently finished off a second bottle of my favorite LAL mix, Bad Wolf. I have been using pheromones on nearly a daily basis since Aug. of 2013 and am always puzzled by the narrowminded views people have without ever having used them. A mix like Bad Wolf can spur one toward self improvement and is complimentary to subliminal usage.


Agree 100% on that comment, along with Wolf as well, but BW would be best for someone who is a bit more experienced as you need to know how to be congruent with the strong vibe BW projects, or you’ll creep people out.

I happen to have started my 'mone journey back in '08 when the good A314 was king. It was quite a learning experience for me, as I was not congruent with the strong vibe it projected off of me. Looking back, it was quite surprising as to how well it used to attract the 9 and 10’s like bees to honey. Unfortunately by the time I got the hang of it, that’s about the time when the veteran members discovered that A.D. was “watering” the newer batches, so I never bought it again hoping that eventually they’ll bring back the vintage formula. That’s when they kept making promises on end, and kept me and countless other members waiting for months on end, with one bs story after another. Combine that with really bad customer service from some idiot guy they hired right after SteveO left the company.

And I agree with SaintSovereign, in that you sure would be doing yourself a strong disservice by dismissing the power of pheromones.


I’ve been using pheromone products (on and off) since 2002, when I discovered the website Love Scent.They even had their own forum, the pheromone community was at its infancy back then. Fast forward to today the new products are more potent and yield better results than years ago.

There is a learning curve you have to get through, basically reading the signs that women give out when you wear these products. Dilated pupils, twirling their hair, crossing and uncrossing their legs, staring at you, strangers telling you their life story, getting respect from males. Plus based on your age and pheromone signature you’ll have to find the right product that works for you.

I recommend PheromoneXS website and join the forum and do lots and lots of research before buying anything.


I like PheromoneXS too. I got into pheromones like I get into everything else (subs, nootropics, etc) — just jumping straight in. Had unlimited funds at the tine, though.


PheromoneXS would be a good place to start for people who are interested on the subject of pheromones, SteveO the owner of the site knows his stuff and how his products work.

I think the biggest mistake newbies make is buy a bunch of products test it out it for a few days and if they don’t see any results they think the whole thing is a scam, meanwhile the signs were there or they applied too little or too much of the product.

I wish I had unlimited funds. lol


I forgot to mention nootropics in my initial post. I use them on a regular basis.


11-04-18 @ 6:45 PM:
Yes, and so do I. Especially since I’m trying to come out with my own blend that I’m working in collaboration with another, more experienced mone enthusiast. It takes so much time in beta testing the product every time it is tweaked to compare to early batches, but also money to keep buying the raw ingredients to keep testing and improving the formula.

So far out of the small batches in beta testing, there are two versions that we are trying to combine. A version that does really well on the young women, and the other version that does very well with older women. The goal is to create just one version that does very well on both young and older women.

Then there’s the scent selection. This one is pretty tricky, because everybody reacts differently to scents. For example; many phero testers don’t like either the Wolf or Voodoo scents, and to me those are the best scents LAL carries. So the only option available first will be unscented, so we eliminate the problem of users not liking the scent in comes in. The user would just add whatever scent they like/prefer.

Then comes the issue of having all the ingredients in stock. Since we don’t manufacture the ingredients, we would have to rely on the supplier(s) to have enough in stock. To keep downtime to a minimum, large quantity orders would have to be placed to make sure there’s enough on hand to keep production running. And with large orders, there comes a large expense.

There are other things that also need to be taken into consideration;

  • Should we offer it with just an alcohol carrier, a mix of alcohol and oil, or just oil base? Each one
    has it’s pros and cons, depending on what type environment the user lives/works at.
  • Do we package it in a spray bottle, roll-on bottle, or a bulb/euro dropper bottle?
  • What should the price be? This comes down as to how much product is offered in a bottle after all
    costs have been calculated into making the batches.

But before the product is launched, beta testing would have to take place, by asking some phero veterans to take it out on the field and test on their own. But since beta testing is all about getting feedback to see how the product performs, that expense would also come out of pocket.

The goal is to make one heck of a kick-ass product all other mones in the market will have a hard time competing with. I know it’s possible, as those who tested and reported on the early versions of products like L2K and Max Attraction know the power those 2 formulas had, when it came to the instant attraction hits they received from women in general. Those were the “hit 'em over the head” lazy-man’s formulas, as they were often referred as, because of the blatant hits members received from women standing in their vicinity.


You asked, we delivered. Introducing The Emperor’s Lounge:


@SaintSovereign @DssMaster I was in a borderline arrogant mood when I posted what I said. I sincerely apologize


lol, these subs have a tendency to do that :wink:
No offense taken, everyone’s welcome to an opinion. I just don’t want you to miss out on a really cool self-development tool.


@SaintSovereign it’s weird to go from feeling anxious over the silliest things to borderline arrogant.


It’s not weird — you’re just going through a transitory phase, and depending on your current subconscious state, it may take awhile for that to balance out.


I meant weird for me not in general. Not used to feeling like that