Please review my new custom if something is obsolete

Here’s what my new supplementary custom will be.

I want to add Khan stage 1 Q core as well. Is there anything that is obsolete that I can take out. Such as the sefucer tactician. I have primal seduction on my other custom and I think it might be included on there already.

In fact that’s all I have on the first custom:

  • [ Cores :
    StarkQ Core
    Primal Seduction Q Core
    Sex & Seduction Q Core

Sex related :
Instant Spark
Earthshaker - Sexuality
Sexual Manifestation
Sexiness Unbound

Status related :
Lion IV
Invincible Presence
Iron Frame
Alpha of Alpha
Godlike Masculinity

Enhancers (with status and sex combos):
Gorgeous Manifestor

Enhancers :

And the custom I will be making is:


The Merger of Worlds
  • |300x300
Emperor Q Core
  • |300x300
Leader of Men
  • |300x300
Perfect Style & Smell
  • |300x300
  • |300x300
Inner Voice
  • |300x300
Carpe Diem Ascended
  • |300x300
Survival Instinct Q Core
  • |300x300
Emperor’s Voice
  • |300x300
Power Unleashed
  • |300x300
Seducer’s Gaze
  • |300x300
Approachability Aura
  • |300x300
Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver
  • |300x300
Total Nonchalance
  • |300x300
Long-Range Seduction
  • |300x300
Focused Arousal
  • |300x300
Instant Seducing Tactician
  • |300x300
  • |300x300
Energetic Development XI
  • |300x300

Thanks in advance :blush:

Sex & Seduction Core crosses over a lot with Primal Seduction. You could probably swap S&S out with something else and still get good results in regards to women.

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I am aware of that. Unfortunately that’s on the first already made custom and I won’t be touching it yet just to save some money. Sorry for the confusion