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Good morning all!

I have an upcoming objective and was motivated/internally directed to make a custom to assist in it’s completion. (100 days semen retention with qigong, prep for a Monroe Institute retreat). It has taken me a few weeks to look over the modules and put together my list. I was hoping some of the veteran …SUBmariners? Pyschonauts? would look over my list and see if anything could be tightened up or dropped. Many thanks in advance!

edit: I will be running this with SG and Limitless Executive.


Divine Will
Fusion Optimized
Ardent Light
Awakened Perception
Inner Blaze
Subconscious Flow
Inner Gasoline
Deep State
Arcane Mastery
Energetic Development XI
Mind’s Eye Core
Quantum Limitless ST1 Core


Hello Heward! Welcome!

The custom looks very targeted for meditation and spiritual practices. It looks good.

Out of curiosity, have you run any of the subliminals from the main store before making this custom?

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Yes. I did a few weeks of Diamond/SMX. That was fun!

I have sampled others as well.

I am not new when it comes to subliminals in general, or the subconcious. (I’ve a few year experience with Psych-K and Hemi-Sync) I am new to the potency of the products here at SC. Quite effective. Feels like magic to me, honestly.


That’s very good. But it would have been better to run the main store versions of the Cores before making this custom. Not that it will not work but that would have been ideal. In this case, running Mind’s Eye and QL ST1 for a while. But this could still work.

The thing is that Subliminal Club is on another (power) level when it comes to comparing with other producers (even other paid ones) that we usually advice new users to act as if they haven’t run subliminals at all before running the audios here.

But I don’t want to make it seem that am being all so high and mighty with this. Nor is it marketing talk. Had experienced the same in my own journey which is why am saying this.

And it also depends on the individual. You seem like the person who puts in the work so in my opinion you will do great.

Good luck, my friend!


Another question:

Is Solace worth it for a first Custom?

In my case, it does not matter because I listen to it at a very low volume so I can barely hear it.


Solace is the water trickle sound you hear when you listen to the main store titles. I prefer it to the other sound you get if you don’t choose Solace.

Solace is more easier on my ears.


Thank you so very much!

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Don’t know if this applies to you. One thing I realized I ended up using the ultrasonic file a lot so later on my custom was the original/legacy sound.

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@Chase I’m not sure I follow you here. The Ultrasonic to your custom?

Yea the custom like the standard store titles comes with two files, one with sound the other ultrasonic which appears as silent.

As far as I know the ultrasonic file has no difference whether one pays extra for Solace or not.


What about the Stop Porn and Masturbation module?

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I actually don’t have a problem here. Due to life events I quit porn and accompanied masturbation a little over 3 years ago. I (41M) have previously completed a 40 day retention without any incident, although it was admittedly sheer willpower and substantial assistance from my wife.

I did consider it for a bit though, just as a safeguard I suppose, so thank you for the suggestion!


Hahaha. This made me lol cause it’s true. That was just staring me right in the face.

For ultrasonic connoisseurs, they can save 30USD with every custom lol.


I know right😛 that’s how I felt when I comprehended that and spread the realization lol

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