Please read this: Understandable concerns

I have catching up to do with posts here. So I’ll make a general statement.

Right now across the world, there is turbulence. Where ever you are, you may have concerns about your future, your well being, your loved ones, humanity, or even what life means to you right now. You also probably have strong opinions about certain events, be they within your country or in another country.

I would encourage all of you to read this post very carefully and give thought. What do you want for your present and your future?

What goes on in your mind is one thing that you have control over. How can you listen to subliminals in a way to give you even more control over your mind? What programs might be best to help you do that?

I’m guessing many of us would like to make sense of the past 2 years or so, as well as change a number of things with the world. However much influence you might have with others, please remain mindful that perhaps the first and best place to start is with yourself.


I came across this yesterday, and it seems apt enough to share. More suitable for non-warzones, of course… but I hope someone finds this at least interesting.


I watched the social dilemma yesterday and it’s a great documentary to help you get freedom back in your life by seeing how the big tech companies work. It is a little frightening but I believe it connects a lot with subclub helping you escape the matrix. I am glad someone addressed the elephant in the room. Thanks @RVconsultant


Is this all about social media and it’s influences? If so, I may have to watch it as I’ve stopped using Instagram.

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Yes its about social media and more. It basically shows how Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc try to manipulate you every hour and showed that Facebook had proof to sway public policy when they successfully got more people to vote in on of the presidential elections. Also shows how the various dangerous echo chambers are created. I already didn’t interact much with SM and been stopping notifications left and right unconsciously due to Emperor but not I am finding even more ways to disconnect from them, yet get some of the benefits. I use an app that limits my time and apps and websites. All of this is explained by the very people who created it.


I’m glad to be able to honestly say to myself that I’m way more aligned with the ‘Proactive’ bubble than the ‘Reactive’.

Welcome back, @RVconsultant. If you were on a hiatus as I’m assuming from this post.


i missed you @RVconsultant i hope you’re well.


What prograns are you listening to ? i am curious

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Thank you so much
Can’t we DM you?

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No problem feel free to pm anytime.

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Thank you. I am well. How about you?

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Hello brother
Thank you so much
I meant cant we dm rv consultant?
Seems like we can not, cuz his profile is hidden

RV onsultant prefers to be anonymous to everyone except me :slight_smile:

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Texting PM to someone’s does not necessarily reveal their identity

I know him very well trust me :grinning:

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But that does not benefit me in anyways I guess
Cuz I know that u are not supposed to and won’t reveal
His identity, even revealing it does not benefit me. But his opinion will
Anyways, there is a matter I want his opinion on and I should not say it in public

I just watched it. Very chilling.


No i cannot however best you leave a message in this thread.

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Excellent post, and I agree with this wholeheartedly. :blue_heart: