PLEASE READ: Info / Questions For the New Support Hub

The new, unified support hub is coming along nicely. When launched, it’ll be located at a new URL and will answer all of your questions about both titles purchased at and the Q store. If all things go well, it will also change how you enter and respond to tickets, but more on that later.

For now, we need a list of all the questions people want answered. We’re most interested in the questions that keep popping up that you either don’t understand or feel like it’s been answered in-depth. I’ll be spending the next week working on new support articles to answer these questions, so drop 'em in the thread.


One that I’ve had some confusion about, and that I’ve seen numerous others ask about as well, is… definitive guidelines about which modules can and cannot go into a particular kind of custom.

Can I use an Ultima module in a Q custom?
Can I use a Q module in an Ultima custom?
Can I use 6 Ultima Cores in a Q custom??


A (growing) equipment guide would great.

Which headphones/in-ear/wired/wireless work for Q/Ultima?

Which ones should be avoided?

Are Bluetooth headsets working properly with Ultima?


A couple questions I have are:

Which Ultima Core’s work in Q customs, and which do not?

Do regular Q Cores’s work in Ultima tracks or is it better to use them exclusively in a Q custom?


That’s a very good question. Paragon e. g. lends itself conceptually to everyday Q customs for health maintenance, but is an Ultima title. A lot of confusion would clear up if there was an additional Q standard (module, not core?) version (like with Sanguine), but I don’t know if this is feasible.


What’s the general rules about washouts? how often should they be taken.

What are the most common symptoms of reconciliation/stonewalling? and what are the best practises to do once they appear?

Beside journaling what are other practical methods to accelerate results?


I would like this as well.

Questions that pop up often that would be useful on the Q store question side of things is the age old question of ‘Does this core already contain x module’ or ‘Does the core contain the entire main store title script or is it just the cores’.

Perhaps an article on what sort of recon one should look out for on the newer tech as well.

Will you be doing one on the differences between Q and Qv2 and later, Q+ @SaintSovereign?


Yes, we can. Just list as many questions as you want to see answered. Not saying we can do all of them, but we want the support hub to be very comprehensive.

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How come you can listen to music on top of masked subs? Because I always thought that the subliminal in the masked sub is lower in volume, so shouldn’t louder music on top of it make it really hard for your mind to understand the scripting?

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@SaintSovereign ive sent a support ticket maybe 4 days ago or a week ago, but i still didnt get any response

and i cant pm also for some reason

Listening recommendations for Qv2 would be amazing


Yes thats a big one. thing is, even if i put my sub audio on medium and music on medium i can barely hear any of the raining sounds. how can i tell if its doing anything? some music just autmatically make the subs totally unheared.

A comprehensive list of which q modules are in one way or another in what major title.

This would be pretty neat lol


Stack recommendations like you did for RICH Ultima and Wanted, perhaps matching goals or archetypes with stacks.

Also, listening plan recommendations for Qv2. Could be max hours per day or week or max number of different subs per day or week.

And, recommendations on washouts. Some people on here are advocating two weeks for example.


It’s coming along nicely and will be ready to launch soon. Please continue to add questions to this thread. We’re also going to mine the unofficial FAQ thread:

  1. What’s the difference in potency between a major title and its core on Q store?
  2. What are advantages of small custom (10 modules) over full custom (20 modules) and vice versa?
  3. Is it better to run your dream sub straight ahead or ready yourself using other subs first timewise?
  4. Is it better to run a certain sub for say six months and then switch to another one for another six months or run both for one year if it comes to the efficiency?

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  1. How long (approximately) does the Bloom effect lasts after stopping listening to a sub ?
  2. What’s a good interval to do sub washouts ?
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saint i love the effort that you put with the domain you and @fire

other websites are lacking so much this website and forum is soooo goood

now the support website is gonna be better, gratz !


1- Stonewalling with Qv2 does it have symptoms ? or its just like the Manuel

2- how to know if youre stonewalling?

3- how do you know that youre overloading yourself with sub input

4- how do you know if you can add more loops? or its your sweet pot