Please make a free or paid subliminal to reverse/remove subliminal


I think too that i’m stuck i used a reverse subliminal after i removed the results making the results come back i’m fucked. What could help me ?


your subconscious needs to be re written to get rid of the results or reverse them. so buy ascension or regeneration or elixir and listen to it for a month or 2 and see what happens


Like any habit (or addiction) it’s not impossible to change, you just need to force yourself to act differently. If the reverse sub worked for you but you fell back into old habits you didn’t stick to it long enough.


I just locked the other thread because this just sounds too much like trolling. If this is true, stop running subliminals and allow the effects of the subliminal your ran to fade. Do not buy any of our products in this situation. Your mind is in disarray. You may also need to see a therapist or other licensed medical professional.

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