Please link me a professional subliminal to reverse/remove results

I’m in pain after listening to youtube subliminals if anyone got a link to a professional product to buy or someone to pass me a audio i will thank eternaly because i’m suffering and i’m messeup i regret the changes i made to myself i’m incompatible to subliminals and all of them had the wrong effects

You don’t undo things. You overwrite them with new programming.


There’s no need for another sub to undo effects of any sub.

If the problem really is caused by a subliminal, just stop listening to all subs for a week, and you should be fine.


good luck


This is related to the subject of the subliminal for what i understand not all negative programming

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how can i overwrite if i in my ingenuinity didn’t even saw what were the affirmations ?

not true if the subliminal is permanent

it is only permanent if you let it be… your subconscious can be re written countless times
you can change the results over time

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You ask for a sub to reverse negative programming, and when Malkuth suggests one your reject it saying the effects are permanent.

Am I the only one that smells a troll?


Placebo can kill you.
There isnt such a thing like permanent programming.
You can only feel bad because your subconcious is fighting the shit you heard.
Stopping the sub like suggested will solve the problem after some days.


Trolling was obvious from the OP itself.

No info on what was being listened to, what the effects were, what pain is he talking about, any medical conditions, etc.
We have nothing. And we are supposed to help. :smile:

If all subs are incompatible with him, then obviously, this “subliminal to reverse/remove results” will also have wrong effects. :fearful:

I gave him a benefit of doubt, and suggested to stop playing all subs.
Is there any other sensible undiagnosed prescription possible? :smile:


No subliminal is permanent. That is a naive fantasy of those who don’t know anything about the human mind.

All “professional subliminal” creators will tell you that the effects of their products will fade away if the user stops listening.

The only change that appears to be somewhat permanent is the change in beliefs.
And even that doesn’t happen by listening to an audio for 5000 hours.
“Permanent Belief Change” happens because of having had new life experiences.


what is funny about this trolling ? he didn’t suggested a subliminal WHICH IS WHAT I WANT, just a false opnion. I didn’t listened to subliminals anymore just a frequency to reverse for 1 month and nothing happened nothing got back to what it used to be, my apperance is still modified from abstinence. I will take into account this false opnion anyway and i will listen only to this quadible frequency to reverse subliminals, if not so i will kill myself after this “trolling” because people don’t read and understand that i NEED A LINK TO A SUBLIMINAL THAT DON’T CONTAIN REVERSE OR REMOVE BECAUSE I’M STUCK LIKE I SAID

check how subliminals are permanent in this comment section: (turn off windows audio)

details please

your soberb is legendary and cringy read again

what for ? i want a link to a subliminal, what will you suggest me a counter-subliminal ? every sub for body hair was got the hair of my head i look like i have alopecia 1 it a hiddenly alopecia arata, every sub for apperance was the wrong irreversably effect, my skin sheds to the top of my head to my face which i think it’s collagen skin shedding, i live in regret and in pain if nothing is found here after saying this what will i do ?

Malkuth posted the description for the Khan stage 1 Subliminal, which deals with removing negative programming.

However, if you’re not trolling, my advice is to see a doctor. This forum and subliminals in general are not appropriate for dealing with any medical conditions.

And if you are trolling, my advice is to see a psychologist. Because trolls usually have serious mental and social issues.


SubClub does not have any subliminal reversal products. Sorry.
Good luck with your search.


medicine will not solve anything because it’s a genetic subliminal curse.

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